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In times where the female gender has - more or less - equally set foot upon the once strictly dominated by man (well, almost) world of Metal, interviews such as this one, with Spanish act Forever Slave's frontwoman Lady Angellyca, always contain a certain distinguishing interest. Why? Well, this Lady is more than just an awesome singer (or just a beautiful Lady). Read on and learn about her and the band she's in, Forever Slave, which have just signed a debut contract with Armageddon Music.
By Orpheus Spiliotopoulos
May 9, 2005
Lady Angellyca (Forever Slave) interview
First of all Lady Angellyca I'd like to welcome you to our 'Interviews' section here at Metal Temple Magazine.

Thanks. It's an honor for me, you can be sure about that.

Before I ask you about the band you're fronting, Forever Slave, I'd like to ask you a few things about yourself first. You're a professional model and a singer too, right? Am I forgetting anything? Please, do tell us a few things about you, a short 'bio' let's say. Like when you started modeling, at what age did that happen? Same question goes for your involvement with music.

I'm an artist, a model and a singer. Also, I had some contracts to work as an actress in the past.

About my career in art and photography: I took a degree in Fine Arts at San Charles University. I have worked like an art and graphic design teacher in a high school and a painter for an art gallery. In my spare time I sometimes work as a designer and photographer. Right now I'm a business woman and I have created a designing company only for the underground world called Lady Angellyca – Underground.

In 2001, I seriously thought about my career as a model. I have worked for several years with many professional photographers like: Mercedes Durán, S. Perry, Victor S., Valenzuela, Alice U.M., DM Media etc ... My first runaway was when I was 4 years old, because my uncle is a clothing designer and he was the owner of a clothing shop. Yet modeling for me is not a job. It's a thing that I do in my spare time. Firstly, I'm an artist and if I'm not so busy I do some modeling work too.

My singing career started when I was 13 years old although I'm a self-taught singer. And this is so hard.

Is it hard to be a model and a singer at the same time? Don't those two things ever collide in terms of schedule?

It's not difficult because I studied in order to be an artist and not a model. So I'm not always working as a model, yet it's difficult to be an artist and singer at the same time. Because I must meet my customers and If I'm on a tour I can't do that. I have a lot of work, a lot of underground work and these customers know my work like a singer and they can understand that I would be on a tour.

Would you ever drop any of those two features of your life? If so, which one would you drop and why?

I would leave modeling, of course. I like modeling but it is not a job which you could win enough money to live from.

What are your influences as a model and as a singer?

As a model my influences could be found in a photographer called Helmut Newton. This is my main influence. Like a singer my influence come from classical music: opera and sacra music.

As far as modeling and Heavy Metal go, tell us if you've done any photo shootings for any bands (other than ones you've been in), Metal magazines etc.

I have sometimes been a cover girl, for example the catalogue of Unholy Cross and Black Light.

I'm also a cover girl on some CDs of bands from different countries: USA, Sweden, Spain...though I have decided that I won't leave my image on any band's CD anymore, at the moment. Because there are people that could think that I collaborate with all these bands.

Now, let's talk about Forever Slave a bit. If someone came up to you and asked you what your band plays, how would you describe it to him?

Forever Slave mixes Classical music's instruments (violin, piano...) together with Metal music. Our guitars and drums try to sound as powerful as possible. In Resurrection, our demo, you can notice that. But our upcoming new CD is stronger than our demo.

When and how did Forever Slave form?

Forever Slave was founded in 2000 by Servalath and me. Soon after the band got in contact with others musicians Forever Slave was born.

Hate, our first mini demo (2000) and Schwarzer Engel (2001) determined our special music style. The copies were limited for both CDs. During these years we played on many tours and gigs. In May 2004 Forever Slave released Resurrection, our present demo CD and recently, we signed an important contract with the German record label Armageddon Music. So our upcoming CD will be distributed around the world.

Officially you've only released one self-produced/self-promoted album, Resurrection, in 2003. Haven't you had any offers from labels ever since? Are you going to sign with a label in the near future? I mean, your music's pretty good and it sort of amazes me to see its been 2 years since Resurrection and still nothing 'more' official.

Forever Slave signed with Armageddon Music for an international record deal. We will enter the studio for our debut in May. Lars Ratz will produce the album in the Tornado Studio in Mallorca (Spain) and will mix it in Tornado Studios in Hamburg (Germany). And this new CD will be released by the end of September 2005.

Talk to us a bit about Resurrection. First of all, who wrote the lyrics?

I'm the songwriter in the band. The story of Resurrection is about a real character: Countess E. Bathory. Although this character is very related to the vampiric world, I tried to tell the true story. I used historical facts concerning her time. Resurrection is about the love and hate story between E. Bathory and Ophelia (one of her maids and victims). I like history and E. Bathory and Lucrecia Borgia are my favorites.

Is it true that Kristian Gundersen of Sirenia made a guest appearance on Resurrection? Want to tell us a few things about that?

[Laughs]... Yes, it's a funny story. I was on MSN Messenger and I was bored because I had to write the lyrics for a new song for my band and I didn't know what write. I was desperate. And Kris helped me with this lyrics.

Is that you on the cover artwork of Resurrection?

Yes, I'm the model and the one who designed this cover.

What about live performances? What is the band's status as far as live performances go? Have you been in any major festivals in Spain or outside Spain?

Are there any immediate plans for any shows?

At the moment we won't be playing in any live shows because we're starting to record in less than a month, so we are so busy with our new songs and the recording. Perhaps we could play in important festivals in and out of Spain, but nothing's scheduled at the moment. We have nothing confirmed. Though if we officially confirm something, you can be sure that Metal Temple Magazine will be one of first mass media which will know it!

Tell us a bit about Spain. How 'tough' is the Metal scene over there? Is the competition hard?

The Metal scene in Spain is hermetic. Anything go out Spain and a no many thing come to Spain. The bands usually support themselves, and this is a good advantage. In Spain there are very good musicians, but it's very easy to be anonymous forever. Not many bands release albums over here.

What's the most important thing in life for you?

My family and my boyfriend and then singing.

What are your ambitions in life as a person and what are your musical ambitions with Forever Slave but also as an individual?

I'd like people from around the world to get to know our music and to also get to play for these people. This is my only ambition (or wish).

What do you think of the Internet? Do you use it a lot? Do you read online magazines?

I love internet. My hobby is browsing the net. I like to know new Metal websites around the world. Of course I usually read online magazines, mainly magazines about Metal like yours.

What do you think of our mascot, Alice, sitting on top of our site?

When I found your site, she was the one who invited me, the one who made me interested in your site. I think that she's a very good idea and character.

Last but not least, send out a message to all our readers. From my part, thanks a lot for your time and I wish you all the best in life and with your band, Forever Slave!

Thanks to you too. And for your readers I must say THANKS for reading this interview and if they want to get more info about Forever Slave you can find out more at our site:

And if they want to get more info about my modeling career then visit my official site:

Thanks for everything to Metal Temple and its readers!!

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