Kris Driver, Dave Payne, Joanna Thorn

Jimmy B & The Death Rattles

JIMMY B & THE DEATH RATTLES are a 5 piece hard rock band from Southampton and Gosport, who became established in 2018.  While lead guitarist & songwriter Aneurin Graystock and drummer & songwriter Kris Driver are absent rocking around elsewhere for this interview, present today is rhythm guitarist & songwriter Dave Payne, along with keyboard/synth/piano player & songwriter Joanna Thorn, and lead vocalist & songwriter Adam Humphries who join Metal Temple's Co-Editor In Chief Jojo "Rocket Queen" Hamilton to shed some light on the band.
By JoJo Hamilton
February 6, 2023
Jimmy B & The Death Rattles' Dave Payne: "My favourite performance to date was Hard Rock Hell 14 in 2021 because we played in front of pure rock fans. We had an opportunity to showcase the band as it was then and we held a crowd of 1000+ people." interview
JIMMY B & THE DEATH RATTLES what's in a name? Where did the band come up with the name from?

Dave: When the band was originally formed, the name JIMMY B & THE DEATH RATTLES was suggested and the name stuck.  The band has been JIMMY B & THE DEATH RATTLES ever since.

There have been some troubled waters with the band in the form Danoiel Bateman departing from the band & being replaced by Adam Humphries, can you elaborate on the transition for us, what happened?

Jo: Dan decided to leave the band in February 2022.  We spent time searching for a replacement front man, and whilst we were hopeful that we had found a possible replacement in the Spring of 2022, that wasn't meant to be.  We continued writing music because the desire to continue was so strong.  Adam had previously stepped in for us in the past last-minute when we needed him for a festival so we spoke with Adam and asked him if he'd like to join as front man, and he was very happy to do so.  We couldn't be happier with our line-up.

Dave: The atmosphere within the band, as well as musically, has all progressed to something that is a dream to work in and be a part of.

You guys have an upcoming album launch party on January 27th 2023 for the new album The Great Beyond, what can the fans expect from the new album? Can we have a sneak peak?

Adam: New sound, bigger tunes!

Jo: People can expect a diverse mix of rock songs, I believe there's something for everyone on this album.  From the shorter punchy numbers, to epic builds with soaring melodies all with rock at the heart – we are all so proud of what has been created here.

Dave: With regards to a sneak peek, we'll be happy to provide you with a preview ahead of the album before its release.

Dave, you & bandmate Jo Jupiter aka Joanna Thorn are in a relationship, has this had a positive influence on the band?

Jo: I met Dave when I auditioned for the band. Over time, our relationship developed further thanks to many common interests and a clear love for the other. Each member brings their own positive influences to the band, and the relationship between Dave and I is happy and healthy so of course that positivity will shine within the band, as does the positivity and influences of all band members.  Our personal relationship does not affect the functioning of the band, and nobody within the band as we are today sees any issue.  None of us look at this as 'Jo and Dave and the band' – we all see ourselves as 'The band'.  Individual members with a desire and passion to rock and that's what being in this band is about!  We all continue to project ourselves in a professional manner in all we do as a band, which thrives on the music and it's the music that comes first for us all in the band.

Speaking of the relationship between Dave & Jo Jupiter, you both write for Jimmy B and The Death Rattles, do you guys write collaboratively or separately?

Jo: Dave and I share a home together. Naturally, the opportunities are there for us to write and practice together which we enjoy doing. There are also times where I take myself away to my piano come up with ideas on my own. I will either develop these further myself, or Dave and I will jam it out.  Dave is happy to sit alone on his guitar, and again he'll either develop an idea himself or we continue together.  It depends entirely on mood, inspiration at the time, and what we are feeling from the music. Our writing isn't exclusive to each other, all band members write music and we will also come up with ideas as a collective.  We all bring something to the table, both individually and as a group, and you'll hear that within our new album.

Since the bands inception, you have played a fair few gigs & a festival slot at Hard Rock Hell 2021. What's been your favourite performance & why?

Dave: My favourite performance with this band to date was Hard Rock Hell 14 in 2021 because we played in front of pure rock fans.  We had an opportunity to showcase the band as it was then and we held a crowd of 1000+ people.  We didn't witness anyone leave while we were playing and people looked transfixed with what they were witnessing on stage considering we were a band that nobody at the festival had really heard of prior to our performance. Going forward, these are the types of gigs we'll be aiming to play on a more regular basis, and I can't wait to play these sorts of gigs with the line-up we now have.

Does the band have any plans to tour in expanded territory, could we possibly see a U.K wide tour in the foreseeable future?

Adam: Absolutely. You don't put this much effort into a great sounding album without wanting to share it with people from around the UK and beyond.

What direction are we likely to see Jimmy B and The Death Rattles go in the near future? Can you tell us what to expect in the sense of new music production?

Adam: With this album being so new, we want to see what people think of this before we plan too far ahead.

Dave: In terms of new music, we will continue to write and when a song is ready we'll look to record it.  We hope to have a plethora of songs to choose from for any potential third album.

Have any of you guys came from musical backgrounds? Did any of the band members have pervious band experience upon forming/joining Jimmy B and The Death Rattles?

Dave: As a band, each member has various musical experience at various stages of their musical careers.  Our drummer Kris is very experienced having performed live many a time, even once performing at the Houses of Parliament!  Our youngest member, lead guitarist Aneurin has also performed live on stage many times. Jo over the years has performed at various open mics, mostly solo but has also collaborated with other musicians.  Adam has experience in the promotional side of music and has also performed live many a time, supporting various known artists both as support slots up and down the country. I have played many festivals and toured with some world famous bands, so as Jimmy B and the Death Rattles, all of our collective experiences has only enhanced how we write and play together, which we hope can only give audiences a great music experience.

In the new video Welcome To The Storm, there's a lot of coastal clips of crashing waves, were these filmed on location or was it video footage?

Jo: The video to Welcome To The Storm is stock footage, although I hope we can one day film a video on location with all the band present!  We're really happy with this video and can't thank Rob at Essex Social Media enough for what he put together.

What's the next move for the band for 2023? New year new direction or are the tracks going one way?

Adam: I think this will depend on the response of the new album.  It's taken a long time for the band to reach this point and we'd like people to digest what we have just come out with.  If people want to hear more, we'll certainly give them more.

Dave: Equally, as a band we write what we write and it is has never been limited to a particular style, for example we could write a 'Punk' song and then a pure 'Rock' song and both would make the same album potentially.  We do not like to 'pigeon hole' ourselves when it coming to writing music due to the vast musical influences we each pull from.

Jo: I agree that we write what we write which is whatever feels natural and good to us at the time.  We always hope that the public will respond well and relate to what we have written and I feel it's important to remain true to who we are and just keep writing and rocking how we like.  If people love what they hear then that's a bonus and a truly wonderful feeling.

Jimmy B and The Death Rattles  Where do you see going over the next 5 years? What do you hope to achieve & accomplish over this time?

Dave: Firs t and foremost we are focusing on our new album, so we want to ensure we promote it well, with radio play, and as many gigs as we can.  We will of course continue to write music as we go and see where it goes.

Adam: We have some great ideas for the future, though right now we're concentrating on the present, and right now, the present is The Great Beyond.

I'd like to thank you for performing this interview with me today for the readers of Metal Temple magazine. It's been a pleasure & I'd like to wish you & the band every success for the future.
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