Perfect Blue Sky

Metal Temple's very own editor, Chelsea Jennings sat down with KITT from PERFECT BLUE SKY to talk about their latest release "Emerald". Also discussed were the band came up with their current sound, the inspiration behind the positive and uplifting lyrics, and the plans for future of PERFECT BLUE SKY. Metal Temple again thanks PERFECT BLUE SKY for their time to do this interview! Read on to find out what PERFECT BLUE SKY is up to now, and what they see coming in their bright futures!
By Chelsea Jennings
April 27, 2015
Kitto (Perfect Blue Sky) interview
Thank you for taking the time to talk to us here at! I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions! Perfect Blue Sky have just released their latest album titled "Emerald". What was the exact motivation behind the songs that we hear on the latest release?

Hi and thank you!

We really aimed to write true music which was inspired by our influences and find the peace and contentment which truly used to exist in music before the boundaries and expectations became templates to be acceptable. We didn't use time constraints on the tracks or try to make the album commercial and so trusted that it would reach the right people on its own merits. Also we love demos, before they get compromised so most of the ideas are the 1st ones.

Perfect Blue Sky seems to be a very uplifting and encouraging band to listen to. What inspires the positive messages behind the music and the message behind it?

We figured that for most people in life, they are chasing something which never quite transpires or arrives, thus always in a state of want. We actually have everything already and usually life takes a full circle to realise this. So hence our Perfect Blue Sky is always directly above, thru all weather.

There is a very psychedelic feeling in "Emerald's" release. Was this the aim of Perfect Blue Sky on this release?

It chose us really, as we loved the psychedelic philosophy of freedom bands like Floyd Big Brother Holding Company, Zeppelin etc. It's more about the art of music intelligence, just keeping it simple in discovery or get complicated with excitement... It doesn't really matter; we know why we chose this medium. It's not strict or opinionated, just real.

With having a male and female vocalist in Perfect Blue Sky, how does that play into the band's sound and vocal performance?

It is very central to us as we do share the whole discover of the music and lyric composition in our songs and performance. It also allows us to express both the masculine and feminine sides of art from both of us.

Perfect Blue Sky is a two-piece band. How does that impact the sound of Perfect Blue Sky? Do other musicians assist in playing instruments in the studio or live?

We are primarily the founders of PBS and can actually scale all the songs down to acoustic show in performance. However part of the gift of inviting guest players in either studio or live shows, is again the same creative freedom  and interpretation which always gives the songs a new dimensions so they are very living art.

As "Emerald" is now on the shelves what are Perfect Blue Sky's plans for upcoming tours? Do these include International tour dates including the USA?

As it is our first debut album, we wanted to see the response first before heading out to different territories throughout Europe and the rest of the world. We haven't plans for the USA as yet; however we shall perform in Singapore, Australia and UK this Spring/Summer of 2015. We had a maiden voyage tour last year in Scandinavia which was a success with two guest musician artists from Janis Joplin's original Band, Big Brother Holding Company and our Aussie Keys phenomenon as well. So that was a good start!

The songs "Phoenix Rising" and "The Flight of Vladimir" use synthesizers and have sounds like bells and ocean waves going down on the shore. Perfect Blue Sky's music seems much more mellow and relaxing when these sounds are included. Was that part of the plan?

Yes absolutely, we kind of figured it is all out there in nature's brew and sometimes people haven't the time to go visit or take time out, so hence, we bought nature's voice to the album instead.

The track "Gospel of the Waves" talks about falling in love before being brought down through the world of wind and sky back down to earth to face the consequences of choices the person made. Does this relate to a certain situation someone in the band faced, or is it a more generic story about love, life, and consequences?

It's a more generic approach about joining forces and supporting each other. A love story as you said!

Out of the psychedelic movement of the 1960s and 1970s, what bands have specifically influenced Perfect Blue Sky the most?

We would say definitely Pink Floyd, Big Brother Holding Company, Led Zeppelin, Cosby Stills Nash & Young, 60's & 70's Rock

What is next after "Emerald" for Perfect Blue Sky? Where does the band intend to go next?

After the tour in Australasia and the European Summer, we will assess in the fall which festivals and areas of countries would be most suitable to perform. And also prepare some new stories (songs and experiments) and adventures to follow under this 'Perfect Blue Sky'

Thank you for taking the time to talk to today! Best of luck on tour, and be safe!

And thank you too for supporting us, really good interesting questions.

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