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Winds Of Genocide

Playing the most abhorrent, violent music you could imageine, UK-based Death/Crust/Punk berserkers WINDS OF GENOCIDE recently released "Usurping the Throne of Disease", a veritably crushing and vicious storm of hateful riffs. Chelsea Jennings interviewed the enthusiastic and passionate Kat Shevil about the upcoming album, what to expect from the band's live set, and how the bleak landscape of the band's hometown helped shape their sound.
By Chelsea Jennings
February 14, 2015
Kat Shevil (Winds Of Genocide) interview
Winds of Genocide's newest release Usurping the Throne of Disease drops on January 22nd, 2015. What can fans of Winds of Genocide expect from the upcoming release?

Actually the worldwide release date for our debut album is now 26th January. Our fans/supporters can expect more of the same raw, aggressive, vicious APOKALYPTIC DEATH CRUST as previous recordings/releases but this time with even more of a death/black metal influence although we have in no way lost our raw crusty punky edge, that is still very much there and very prominent in our music but there is defintely more of a metal influence in this newer material, that's just the way it came out it wasn't a totally conscious decision to bring in more death and black metal influences it just occurred naturally....the album features 9 tracks of PURE FUCKING AURAL ARMAGEDDON!!!!

As Usurping the Throne of Disease is released what are Winds of Genocide's touring plans for 2015? Where will you be touring?

We have no touring plans right now although it would be great to do some touring in support of the album at some point, we will have to see what happens and see if any cool offers come our way, but at the moment we will only be playing one off gigs here and there in support of the album starting with an album release party in the city where we are based in Feburary.

Personally where would you like to tour personally on the tour for Usurping the Throne of Disease in 2015? Why would you want to visit this location the most?

It would be great to get the opportunity to play in the USA, and also some countries in Europe/Scandinavia with good audiences for this kind of music such as Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic and Germany. I would also personally love to be able to play some shows in Japan as I am a huge fan of the Japanese crust/punk scene and the crowds are really crazy and enthusiastic over there from what I have seen on DVD's!. Hopefully we might get the chance to play some festivals in other countries at some point once we have more of a name for ourselves and attract the attention of some festival promoters/gig promoters abroad.

What can fans expect if they attend the Winds of Genocide show in 2015? What will be different from past Winds of Genocide tours?

They can expect PURE FUCKING AURAL ARMAGEDDON! 30-40 mins of TOTAL FUCKING MAYHEM!!!! The only difference will be more new material in the set.

Winds of Genocide is a very unique name for a band. What inspired the band to choose such unique name?

I took the name from a song called "Winds Of Genocide" by the American crust punk band from Portland called Masskontroll which is on their 1995 album "Will You Ever Learn?", a great album which I recommend to fans of Doom, Extreme Noise Terror , Disgust (UK) etc...I first heard the album back in 2005 when a friend brought it over to my place and I was already thinking of forming a new band back then after not being in a band for quite a few years so when I was looking at the back of that CD I saw the song title and I said to myself "when I form a new band it will be called Winds Of Genocide"....I already had a musical/lyrical vision of how I wanted the band to sound and I thought that band name would perfectly fit that musical/lyrical vision....total apokalyptic grimmness.

The members of Winds of Genocide live in the bleak wastelands of Northeast England. Does this inspire the music Winds of Genocide writes? If so, how does your living location inspire your music?

I guess the area where where we live does have some kind of an influence, it's quite a bleak, harsh, rough area with lots of social deprivation and urban decay and blight in some communities/towns/villages, some places in this area are so run down and other areas look like a bleak desolate wasteland with nothing much around for miles and miles as far as the eye can see and can be a very unforgiving environment at certain times of the year, for example not somewhere you would want to stranded in on a cold dark windy night. The weather here is often dark, cold and miserable especially in the autumn and winter, and our music is also dark, cold and full of misery, desolation and unpleasant themes.

Where do you envision Winds of Genocide going in the next five or ten years? What are your goal/dreams for Winds of Genocide within the next five or ten year's time?

No long term goals/plans....we will let the album fester in peoples minds like a disease for a while and start writing some new material and just see where that takes us and take one thing at a time. The reaper is always sharpening his scythe and some of us might be dead in 5-10 years time?!.I would like to be able to do a couple more recordings at least within the next 5 years including another full length album. We will see what the future brings (or dosn't)..

What is your favorite thing about being a member of Winds of Genocide? What is the hardest part of being in a band?

Creating music I love listening to with some great people who I can also count as good friends. The hardest part of being in a band: Trying to better ourselves with each release and live up to past material which has received a lot of praise. We spent a lot of time writing the album material as we knew we had a lot to live up to with the past material we wrote, I like to think we succeeded in bettering that material and have a strong and varied set of songs on the album, we tried out some new things both musically and vocally on the album which some people might like or there again some people might not like so much. Thanks for the interview/interest - RIDE UPON THE BLACK WINGS OF ARMAGEDDON......

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