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Bloodshot Dawn

Bristol's BLOODSHOT DAWN have, over the course of the last few years, come from playing pub shows, to winning Metal to the Masses. Now, after they have just opened the main stage at Bloodstock, the stand as one of the most respected and well known acts in the UK underground. Danny Sanderson talks to Ben Ellis, Josh McMorran and their new drummer Janne Joluma about the new album, how they funded it, and the ups and downs of promoting and touring your own band and music. 
By Danny Sanderson
October 25, 2014
Interview - Josh
Hi, this is Danny from Metal Temple and today I am interviewing the guys from Bloodshot Dawn. How are you guys doing?

Josh (McMorran, Vocals/Guitar): Yeah, really good thanks, we're really good.

Ben (Ellis, Guitars): I'm doing good.

Janne (Jaloma, Drums): I'm doing great.

How do you think that your show went on Friday?

Josh: yeah, it went amazing. We got a really good crowd response. It was really humbling being the first band on the main stage and having so many people turn up, chanting our name before we came on. It was really exciting for us.

Well, obviously you've been staying at the festival as it's Sunday now. Have you checked out any bands and stuff like that?

Josh: Yeah, well yesterday I went to see a lot of bands like Crowbar, Emperor, Carcass, Children of Bodom and Blood Red Throne, the list goes on and on. To be honest, we've been taking advantage of being at the festival.

Well, as you said, you opened the Main Stage on the Friday, and when you were last here you played the Sophie Stage. Do you think that hopefully next time when you come back you'll be playing higher up the bill?

Josh: Well we can only hope. Of course, it depends upon the people from Bloodstock and whether or not they were impressed enough with our performance to get us to return to it.

Obviously at the moment you've been writing and recording the new album and you've used Crowd-funding to fund the production of the record.

Ben: Well, the Kick-starter campaign that we launched went really well; we were really blown away with the response from the fans on that one. We had a budget of about £5000 to actually get this album physically created and recorded, and we beat the target and ended up getting something like £8000, which means that we've been totally able to kill it on this one. And yeah, the album's coming along really well, we've actually almost finished recording it. It's being produced by Jacob Hansen, who's done work on album's by bands such as Aborted, Amaranthe and other really big bands like that. So it's gonna sound killer.

So, how has the writing and recording process for this album gone, because obviously (motions to Janne) you've got a new drummer. So is he fitting into the band well and taken part in the writing process?

Josh: Yeah, Janne actually fits into the band perfectly! We actually had a few weeks worth of shows where he stood in for our previous drummer before, so when all of us guys were thinking of getting a full time replacement, he was the best choice. His drumming actually enhances the music on the album. Lots of the stuff he's done on the new album sounds awesome, it'll really melt your face off when you hear the new album. So it's all gone really well. We've been writing on this new material for about six months or so after taking time off from touring, and the music's come together really well.

Do you have any details about when it'll be released?

Ben: The release date's going to be October 26th this year.

And you're going on a UK tour after that to promote the album in places like Manchester?

Josh: Yeah, we're doing a full UK Tour, and an Ireland tour actually, we're going to be going to Manchester. London, Birmingham, Limerick, Belfast, Glasgow... and some other places like Brighton, Bristol. We're basically playing every corner of the country that we can, really. Yeah, so this will be the first time that we'll be playing a lot of new songs off the new album, we're going to have a new stage show and stuff like that. We've up our game in all aspects, including the release and the live show. And we're just keeping the ball rolling really.

Both this album and your debut record were both self-released. Are you planning on continuing self-releasing your material or are you searching for a label at the moment?

Josh: Yeah, I mean, we're not opposed to labels or anything. I mean, we're not like "We'll do it ourselves and that's all we'll do", you know, it's just a case of no one's approached us and offered us that kind of support yet. And we're not going to let lack of interest falter the band. We'll push as hard as we can, for as long as we can until someone comes along and is willing to take the reigns and push the band to another level.

Well, not having a label obviously hasn't hindered you so far, because you're opening the main stage at Bloodstock, and you are quite well known for an underground band.

Josh: Yeah, I mean having record deals and booking agents isn't everything you know. A lot of the time, it's down to hard work and dedication, and keeping going at it.

You guys book your own shows as well, and as well as managing yourselves, you manage bands like Seprevation as well don't you.

Josh: Yeah, I do a lot of stuff with that. It basically just started by doing bookings and stuff like that for us, because when we were signed with promoters and stuff like that, they didn't take the band seriously and put the effort in to promote us. So I made up a company e-mail, just to be taken more seriously, and it started to take off. And then a few friends of ours contacted us to see if we could help them out, and we just took it from there. But like I said, I would prefer for someone more capable to come along and take the job, and help push us to a new level, you know. So we'll just keep doing what we're doing until we get to that point.

In terms of the new music, how have you progressed as a band since your debut?

Ben: Well, basically we've got more of everything in terms of... you know, we haven't gotten more melodic only, or even more heavy only, because we like to try and mix the heavier, more brutal side of Death Metal with its more melodic side, because we like things of different kinds and styles, and I'd say that this new album has more of both. The heavy stuff goes really heavy, and the more melodic stuff heads further towards that extreme, you know. So it's a really natural progression, I don't think that it's going to scare off any of the older fans. I'm hoping that people are going to love, because we love it. I think it's just a better version of what we have been doing before.

Josh: Yeah, it's been a very natural progression, I think.

Janne: I don't think it'll be a massive shocker for the fans, you know. Well... it might be, but hopefully in a good way. (laughs)

So, once the album comes out, what will you be doing in terms of touring and promotion for it, other than what you've already discussed?

Josh: Well, as we've already said, we're out on a UK tour, and that starts on October 24th, which is just about the time that it will be released, and straight after that we're going off to Japan, to do a tour with Gorguts and Kriusiun, which should be really good. We've got some really good fans in Japan; apart from the UK, it's where we get the strongest of our support from. So we're really looking forward to heading back over there. And then after that, we've got a show with At The Gates in Dublin at the end of January. But the rest of our diary is really open, do we'll just have to see what comes our way I guess.

Ben: Also, I guess we'll be having a single with a music video coming out for the release. And on Youtube and Facebook at the moment we've been constantly updating people will videos and stuff relating the recording, like sneak peeks for people to check out.

Have you decided what song you'll be doing a music video for?

Ben: Yeah, we actually played a new song off of the new record which we've never performed live before here at Bloodstock, which is called "Smoke and Mirrors", which will also be our first single and music video for this album.

So, before you go, have you got any messages for your fans?

Josh: Thanks for all of the support, keep an eye for the new album and the other stuff we've been putting out to keep you interested. So yeah, we hope that you will enjoy the new album when it comes.

Thanks for your time guys! Enjoy the rest of Bloodstock.
Bloodshot Dawn's new album, "Demons", will be out on October 26th. Keep an eye out on Metal Temple for the new music video for "Smoke and Mirrors" and other cool stuff.
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