Johnny Lee Middleton


First of all i have to thanks Johnny a lot! He had no sleep the last three-four days and he was really tired! However he talked to us for a while. What else to say? Thanks Johnny!!
By Stathis Giannakopoulos
February 26, 2001
Johnny Lee Middleton (Savatage) interview

Our first question is, how do you feel about Poets and Madmen.

I had a blast! It was hard, basiccaly it was hard to do. It's maybe the most difficult Savatage record i've ever recorded but i had a great time doing it.

How can you describe this album?

It's a mix of everything we've ever done. Wrapped in one. From the first Savatage cd that came out to The Wake Of Magellan. A little bit of everything put in one cd

How do you feel about the line up changes?

It's doesn't bother me at all. It's actually gonna be pretty good to bring some fresh guys in the band. A little more energy and ambition.

What do you have to answer to those people who say that you have put aside Savatage for Trans-Siberian Orcestra?

Mmmm, not really! We haven't! I would be home right now 'cause i have a TSO tour coming up you know. We do both.

Who do you love most?

Savatage of course! TSO it's fun but it's not as fun as Savatage. It's like when you are married and you have a mistress. You know Trans-Siberian Orcestra is like your wife. She is ok, you fuck her but when you have this hot piece of ass on the other side of town that you just can't wait to go and bang her. Savatage is a hot ass. Trans-Siberian Orcestra is the wife. It's fun to do, they are both fun.

Now, some words for the internet fans.

Stay tune yo the website for further updates. We are gonna hit the road.

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