John Sullens & Erik Kluiber


You know, I love this retro thing that's going on in Rock right now. One of the best examples of these bands is Overloaded. Their style is catchy, raucous with full solos, none of this two second nonsense you get so often now a days. Overloaded are not really a brooding band, for the most part, what they excel in is the fist pounding department. Their fun style would be perfect for an outlaw themed movie or tv show. So when the chance to interview these boys came up I could not pass it by.
By Amy La Salla
December 6, 2005
John Sullens &  Erik Kluiber (Overloaded) interview
What is your favorite part of being in a band?

John: Having four other guys pushing for the same thing you are.

ERiK: Playing live and having a finished product of your song when all the b.s. of writing and recording is out of the way.

What are your influences and how do you feel they show up in your music?

John: Iron Maiden, Skid Row, Motley Crue, etc. They show up in our music in every way possible.

ERiK: Too many bands to list. In short, all good Metal from the good cheese Rock to the most brutal Death Metal. If it's good, it's good... Occasionally some Blues rears its greasy head as well.

Is there a full tour planned?

John: I hope so.

ERiK: No. We do not have the connections or financial backing for such a thing, though it would be nice.

What has been your favorite show so far?

John: Mind Candy and Overloaded at the Magic Bag.

ERiK: Hmmm... Krokus because they kicked so much ass.

What is the strangest thing to happen to you while on tour?

John: Being in a van with Glimpse and Duncan and a bag of beef jerky.

ERiK: Being driven home from a lame after party for an hour. During the drive, the driver almost killed us by nearly crashing into trees on dirt roads at 80 mph. When we finally arrived in town, we got dropped off at the club which was 3 miles from the hotel. I got upset and chucked a full pizza box at the car. The female driver got out and punched me in the face 3 times. A cop drove by. She drove home with pepperoni on her windshield and we walked to the distance to the hotel at 5 am in leather pants.

A few months later, we got heckled in Toledo, oh and I kicked the guy in the stomach. He thought I would just let him have his fun. He challenged me to a fight and I quickly punched him in the face twice. He fell down like a sack of potatoes. Overloaded (we were called Inner Recipe at the time) jumped off stage and took care of his friends. We continued the concert and played a great show.

Recently, I did a somersault down basement steps (on purpose and drunk as hell) onto the concrete floor. I landed on the concrete and everyone thought I was dead. I then proceeded to pick my wrecked body off the floor and pound Jack Daniels (there was no Jager) till I passed out. Pretty stupid, but crazy in a retarded sort of way.

Where would you like to tour that you have not been so far and why?

John: Europe. because I hear it is a whole other world over there.

ERiK: It be nice to do a real tour anywhere, and not this weekend warrior bullshit.

What do you think of the Metal scene in USA?

John: Misunderstood.

ERiK: The true Heavy Metal scene is strong in Detroit.

What has been the reaction to Hail The Kingdom so far?

John: Very good, people seem to really like the CD.

ERiK: The CDs are selling and more and more people are coming to the shows. We must be doing something right.

I hear you are already working on your next release, how is the recording going?

John: Couldn't get any better.

ERiK: Writing is a lengthy process for this band. We treat every song like a new born baby. It's a lengthy and difficult process, but worth it in the end.

Any hints as to what we can expect from the new release?

John: One word HELLFIRE.

ERiK: If you're referring to Hellfire, it's a continuation of what we started w/ Hail The Kingdom. If you like Hail the Kingdom, you will love Hellfire.

What is Overloaded's relation to the Internet and what do you think of it as a method of promotion?

John: A way for our fans to be kept up on our band and for our band to get more noticed.

ERiK: The Internet is VERY important for a little band like us. I despise file sharing though. It is bullshit. I think the government should step in and stop it immediately. All file sharing does is cheapen the value of all music to society. As far as webzines are concerned, it is a huge opportunity for unsigned bands like us to get their message across world wide.

What are your ambitions as a band and as individuals?

John: To go as far as we possibly can in the band and to own my own studio.

ERiK: I want to make this band a reality. I would like to be on tour every day. Life is nothing but one rock club after another to me whether I am performing or not.

How would you describe Overloaded's sound?

John: Loud and in your face.

ERiK: A mix of all things good in Metal.

What inspires you to play/write?

John: Life experiences.

ERiK: The feeling of being in the moment creating. The satisfaction of writing a good song. The feeling of having performed a show to the fullest. The idea that one day you won't have to work a stupid day job and could actually be a real musician.

How does a typical Overloaded song get written? Is the music first or the lyrics?

John: Mostly music first then lyrics.

ERiK: Music then vocals. The quicker the two get together, the better the song will be.

Could you give us an example of how you guys typically work?

John: All five of us hash it out at rehearsal until it sound just right.

ERiK: We kill each other in the rehearsal space until something sounds right.

Any final words for our readers?

John: Hail Rock 'n' Roll.

ERiK: Hello.

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