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ENTRAILS is an old school Death MEtal band hailing from from the great Death Metal capitol of the world: Sweden! Our Danny Sanderson got to talk to Jimmy Ludqvist, original foundeing member, about the history of the band including the split of the band in 98, getting back together, and the aspirations for the future. 
By Danny
November 25, 2014
Interview - Jimmy Lundqvist (Entrails) interview
Hello there Jimmy, thank you for this interview for Metal Temple. What have you been up to?

Hello there.. no problems.. always fun making interviews if there is time sitting down and answering them.. I am busy like never before with everything sort of, working with the upcoming album and the songs for that, rehearsing, recording stuff in my studio "Bloodshed Studios" and doing some mixing for other bands and then I also have to be at my ordinary work 9 hours a day..

Your band Entrails is about to mark its 25th anniversary in overall. Congrats for that. How do you feel about this upcoming occasion?

Thanks a lot for that. I never had that in mind actually. But now when you mention it feels cool but it all could have been a lot better if we began our journey back in the days instead of a few years ago. It's a huge gap between the past and nowadays so 25 years in a row ain't what the band have been around.

Anything planned to celebrate this milestone in the band's history?

Nope. We will continue and making this new album and next year doing some various shows around Europe and where we will be booked at. Don't think there will be any celebration of any kind, but you'll never know. Things can happen anyway.

You formed in 1990, when the Death Metal scene was in its infancy and bands were starting to form and make a name for themselves. What were your main inspirations when you formed?

Well. I was very inspired by Slayer, Metallica, Iron Maiden and the big bands that was the biggest in the 80´s, and then when the death metal showed up it was the Swedish scene that got me into the genre.

In the 25 years since you first started out, how do you think that Death Metal has evolved as a genre?

To me it's not that good anymore. Of course there are great bands out there but the passion ain't there anymore. Today it's like a competition who can play the fastest and more technical, and also have all music over produced with no feeling at all.  That ain't the death metal I want to hear. I respect the skills on those who play it, but to me, it has to be simple stuff. Just listen to the first era of death metal that came in the late 80´s. if you made a mistake in the recordings or didn't play it perfect it was even better..

Another general one for you, around the same time that Entrails was starting, another genre of Metal was just coming to light; Black Metal. A lot of Black Metal bands formed to counteract the "commercialism" that some of its main innovators saw in Death Metal. How did the Black Metal scene affect the Death Metal one in Sweden at the time?

Well.. I didn't follow that scene back then so I cannot answer that one for you.

Keeping up with the history, and I have to ask about it. It is said that Entrails originally split up in 1998, only to return ten years later in 2008. What prompted the breakup of the band and its subsequent reformation?

Well, it depends in where you read it. It says different years on many locations. The true thing is that the band Entrails was put to sleep in 2005 but I was doing some stuff on my own and saved those terrible recordings on tapes for the future if I started up the band again. Though I also get tired of playing on my own so I was quit playing for a while in 1998 and was driving rally instead, and for the comeback I was truly nostalgic and for that reason I began to plan and look for the old tapes and then re-record the songs that was complete for Entrails. It was in late 2008 I began those recordings for the first demo "Reborn"

Recently you guys released your demo compilation named "Resurrected From The Grave". What can you tell about it? Which eras of Entrails does it showcase? Any of these songs made to the official album releases that you guys releases over the years?

Well, the stuff on this release is the demos I made in 2009 and the songs on those demos are the re- recordings I made in 2008/9. The stuff we recorded in the 90´s needs to be restored from noise, and they also need to be mastered in some way because back then we always did a fast mix to have for own use and it usually sounded like crap. So hopefully in the future when I have got the time to make that happen the older material can be unleashed.

Anything from the old days, till your first official release in 2009 that you would have done differently in order to prompt those demos out in the opener sooner?

Hmm. It's almost impossible to say. Back then it was difficult to get our asses into a studio without money, today everyone have their own studio and can make music the whole time. So if we had the tools back then as for today thing would have been slightly different.

A few months ago you released a new track called "Berserk". Is this a taster of what the new album could sound like?

Well, both yes and no. I think the album will sound a bit different from that. We wanted to do a 7" totally homemade with Metal Blade as the label who released it so we caught up one new song I made and then we did a cover of an old Swedish heavy metal band called Heavy Load, but we did it our way.

In the same manner, what can we expect from the next album? Are you far into the writing process for it?

I always make the songs into an easy demo and all tracks was done last year in September, and from that time we have played shows and rehearsed the new stuff some time, and then did some shows. So we couldn't concentrate 100% on the new stuff. But nowadays we are in the rehearsals again and leaning all songs and the plan is to begin recording very soon. The songs will be like the 90´s of course and the sound swell.

What are the band's plans for the immediate future?

Record this new album and then do the shows we will be booked for..

Jimmy I wish to thank you for the interview, all the best for you and guys in the band. Do you have any last words for the readers?

Thanks a lot. Follow us at www.facebook.com/entrails666   It's where it all happens with news and stuff, and if you want to book us for a show you need to write to entrailsreborn@hotmail.com for further details.

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