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Children of the Sün

Things don't always have to be related to negativity and the depression that has been going on worldwide, instead, life could be celebrated, enjoy the now and the hope that it could be better one day. There has a long line of positivity, yet, most of it died after the 60s, leaving a huge gap for the actual reality to take over. The Swedish Hippies, Children of the Sün, wished to head back decades ago in a spiritual way and relive the Flower Kids through music. Steinmetal talked to Jacob Hellenrud of the band, about being a Hippie type of band, working with a new label, the new album "Flowers" and more…
August 24, 2019
Children of the Sün's Jacob Hellenrud: "After hours digging through our parents' vinyl-collections
Hello Jacob, it is a pleasure having you for this interview for Metal Temple online Magazine, how have you been doing?

Hi! It's going great! A bit stressful with all that comes with releasing an album and going back to school again and so on... But I couldn't be happier!

Well, it is not every day for me that I interview non-Metal artist, yet I must say that I find your band Children Of The Sün quite intriguing. Let's start a little about the band, how did this group came to be?

The band was formed in 2017 in the deep woods of Värmland in Sweden after a soul-concert our school made. So you could say in a way that the soul brought us together. (haha) Our bass-player and lead-singer wanted to create a Rock band and play covers by idols of their such as Janis Joplin and Led Zeppelin, but when I got involved we started to write our own music. Soon people started to join our music-collective and after a couple of weeks we were Children of the Sün, and hopefully we'll never stop playing.

Recently, you guys released your new album "Flowers", via The Sign Records, absolutely the right platform to hash this album out. How has it been received by your fanbase? What is your overall appreciation of the end result?

It has been really cool to be able to work with The Sign Records. We are all big fans of other bands at the label and to be a part of it is a dream come true. The album has got a good receive I believe from our old fans but we've noticed that we've get a lot of new fans along the road as well, and for that we are grateful. We are satisfied with the result and we hope that more people will discover 'Flowers'.

Why title it "Flowers"? What is the philosophy behind it?

We wanted to make a concept-album about earth in the beginning. And for that reason we wanted to use flowers as a metaphor for humans. We grow from being a seed to become this beautiful flower. None looks the same. But everyone is beautiful. It's also our reincarnation in a way. It is Children of the Sün becoming one with nature. The rest is up to the listener to discover their own idea of what the album is to them.

Children Of The Sün's music though obvious at first, especially the leading characteristic of the hippie movement in the notes. However, I sense that it is much more than that. There is Soul, classic Rock, Blues, a bit of vintage Folk Rock, a chance for the listener to sway between the lines. Do you agree with that assessment?

I would totally agree. We love music, and we love writing music. We don't define ourselves with just one genre, rather we write music with the world as our inspiration. Maybe that is a reason why the songs sound kind of different to each other sometimes. It's a musical goulash of all the music that we love.

What do you guys find so fascinating about the 60s? In particular, since your music sounds like a fine homage for the Woodstock Festival?

Simple. We are old souls in young bodies. Basically we're born in the wrong era. After hours digging through our parents' vinyl-collections, we've all found a connection to this particular genre and era. It touches a bit of your soul and gets you high on music, and that's still legal. The music doesn't have algorithms made by a computer - It is made by real people with real feelings. That for us is very important because we put a lot of emotions into our own songs. We think that it is impossible to create something with emotional value without putting a bit of your soul into it.

In your songwriting, how were you able to connect Rock music, and its surroundings, with spirituality?

I think that they go well together. Often the spirituality comes first and it's the ''main-focus'' of each song. Then we lay the ''groove'' to back it up.

Was the songwriting for "Flowers" a joint effort or rather an effort of a leading musician that carried it forward? 

I almost always come up with the idea of the songs. Then Josefina writes the lyrics. Then we combine the two and arrange it together with the rest of the band. It is at this point the song becomes more than a just a ''Demo''. For every member of the band contributes with their own experience and their own style of playing the instrument.

Would you say that "Flowers" is a piece that represents that there is still hope for this world or there is rather an inner message suggesting otherwise? Does "Flowers" symbolize a string of positivity?

Even though many songs are about depression and anxiety about the climate, there are more songs about taking care of each other and becoming one with earth. So it's a balance between good and bad. But it is a records about more than hope. It's a celebration of life.

Continuing with that direction, how can such harmony, as you present in your music, exist in such a world, where apparently society is slowly decaying, as plenty of the harsher music artists suggest?

Music is hope, music is what unites people and music is healing. Therefore, we can never lose hope. But we can try to affect people with our music. I agree with you, but we can never stop living. If we do, then it's already too late

How did the connection with The Sign Records came to pass? Was it mutual interest by both parties?

It's actually kind of funny. We reached out to The Sign Records two years ago when we were going to release our Debut-ep. We didn't get any answers back then. But a couple of weeks before we signed with The Sign we got a mail from Kaj at the label saying; ''Sorry for the late response'' But the important thing is that they responded and we couldn't be luckier to be able to work with them. They are professionals dealing with 8 kids that wants to play music. Respect to them for dealing with us.

Which of the album's songs do you find the most meaningful to you? Please elaborate on your pick.

I would have to say "Flowers". It's a different song for us. I wrote it as a metaphor for earth. The song is touching more in the folk-genre which I love and it's easy to listen to and remember the hook. It's hard to describe what I think is so good about it, but I really enjoyed writing it and I enjoy playing it. I don't think that it is the strongest song on the album, but it is having an aura of sitting in the forest and just listen to what the nature has to say to you.

What are your plans to support "Flowers" in the coming future?

For now, we are looking for bookers in Europe. A dream would be to buy a ''hippie-van'' and drive through Europe and play at every venue that wants us. But for the future we want to make a new album with new songs and try out things we haven't done before, maybe add more instruments? We'll see!

Jacob, I wish to thank you for your time and effort on this interview. "Flowers" was quite an enlightenment for me, a soft spot in a rather tougher edge that I have been used to. Thank you sir!

That is so nice to hear! I hope to hear from you again.

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