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Dream Evil's latest album, The Book Of Heavy Metal was reviewed by Metal-Temple.Com during the past few weeks and we simply couldn't resist asking them about the new album, their future thoughts and the band generally. The Interview was done via e-mail and Gus G. answered our questions.
By Makis Kirkos
April 29, 2004
Gus G. (Dream Evil) interview
Welcome back to! This is actually our second interview so you are already well-known to our readers. What have you been up to these days?

Hail Greek Metalheads!! We just finished our brand new CD, The Book of Heavy Metal which is definitely our best work to date. We've also been working on a DVD, a CD single, and a video clip. Quite busy I must say..........

After two really rugged albums, you return with The Book Of Heavy Metal. Quite catchy title, don't you think? What's the story behind the title?

There is no story or a concept. It's just a general idea to create the manual of how to play Heavy Metal music hahaha!!! I mean in a great metal CD, u need fast solos, loud drums, great vocals, great ballads, really hard rocking songs as well as speed and powerful songs with melody.

I have to say your upcoming release surprised me. It seems that you guys move into more mid tempo tracks, why did you change your music formula?

While doing Evilized album we realized that most of the songs we're good at writing, are mid tempo and more hard rock stuff. So, this time it also happened that most of the songs that we brought to the table, were mid tempo. To us it doesn't matter if they're fast or slow, we mainly care that we have GOOD songs in our albums

I believe the title-track is by far the best song of this album. Always get me crawling when I hear it, do you agree?

Not the best track in my opinion, but one of the strongest songs for sure!!!

Can you tell us a few words about each one of the songs? Just the main story...

Like I said, there is no story behind this album. It's just the way that we would write a classic Metal album (or at least, try to) by building our own Heaby Metal manual! 🙂

Looks like your popularity goes stronger with every album you release. Have you found the secret in order to accomplish this?

I think the band became popular so fast because it's considered a super group. Of course people like Fredrik and Snowy Shaw have a history behind them and that turned heads when we formed Dream Evil. I think this album will be even more popular, because our label is really pushing this release 100%.

Fredrik produced this album again. It was hard for him? I know he has high standards concerning his own releases...

I don't really know about this, as I didn't discuss it so much with him. He didn't seem so troubled though, like he was when we did Dragonslayer. This is our 3rd CD and it's more of a normal process for us.

I heard you guys started working on your new video, The Book Of Heavy Metal. Is it done? What are your impressions so far?

Yes, it's done and it turned out killer I think!! Just wait and see my friends!

Your label is going to do some release parties in Germany. The band will show up there too?

No, not really. We are currently busy with other things and we wont be able to make it to these release parties.

Do you have any other plans for promoting your upcoming album? Any confirmed tour dates?

Dream Evil will play @ Earthshaker festival in Germany and Lorca Rock festival in Spain this summer. However, I will not perform with them, as my busy schedule leaves me with no time to play these shows. There will be a stand-in guitarist for me. I'm sure a Japan tour will follow and some European tour as well, but nothing confirmed so far.

Of course your performance as a band is high above average. How many hours do you practice together?

Hahahahaha!!! Actually we don't practice at all!! We just meet 4-5 days before we do a show and we rehearse a few hours. However, it helps that we're all good performers and we know how to do our jobs well. So rehearsing is not a problem.

Where do you find the time to be playing in so many bands at the same time?

I have a schedule that I always work out. Of course there are times where I don't have time enough to play some shows or do enough promotion, but there's always solutions to everything.

Can you tell us something about the cover? ( I think it's amazing )

Thanks! I was not in charge of the cover, so I know nothing about it, except that Snowy worked closely with Media Logistics artists, to make it happen. I agree that it looks really cool and symbolic.

Do you think Fredrik's dream to form a melodic heavy metal band has been fulfilled?

Yes, I think so. We've achieved things way beyond our expectations even with our first album.

Do you guys do this full time? Or do you continue with your other works too?

No, we don't make a living from Dream Evil. Everyone got their own jobs and I play with 3 other bands, so that's how I make a living.

What's the media's response to The Book Heavy Metal so far?

I've only seen 2 reviews so far and they're 10/10 and 98/100, so it doesn't get any better than this!!! 🙂

Is there anything you would like to change? Or already did?

I think everything's fine like it is with this release. I'm happy with it and so are the other guys.

Who's the main composer? Do you all participate to the compositions?

Yes, we usually all write the songs. However, this depends. On this album I contributed with 2 songs only as I was working a lot with my other band Firewind. On this album Snowy did most of the songwriting. We also wrote one song altogether and that's Lets Make Rock.

Are you planning any DVD release? Fans are always attracted to the idea of watching a band they like in their backstage moments.

Yes, there will be a limited digipak edition of the album which will contain a bonus DVD. The DVD includes documentaries from our tours as well as making of footage. It's really entertaining and there's a lot of crazy shit in it!I think the fans will dig it!

Do you guys ever use internet? You know I mean like chatting, browsing websites, downloading mp3's or porno clips? ha-ha!

Of course!!! Where do u think we live??.......... you gotta be careful with the porno sites though hahahaha!!!

Would you participate in a reality show with grand prize a worldwide headlining tour?

No, never. I hate reality shows, I don't watch them and I've never considered participating in any of it, even if my band was on it.

Well that's all for now guys. Is there any message that you would like to send to our readers?

I wanna thank all my brothers in Greece for the support!! Check out the new Dream Evil CD and I will see u all with Firewind @ Rockwave festival!! I hope we play Greece with Dream Evil as well.

Thank you very much for your time. I wish you the best and hope to see you soon somewhere.
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