Gorerotted is one of the leading acts within the extreme Death Metal scene in the U.K. nowadays (as well as in the rest of the world, in my opinion), so when I was asked to interview them, I accepted the challenge at once. Doing an interview via MSN Messenger was something I hadn't done before and I didn't know what to expect, but having Tim (a.k.a. Fluffy, guitars) on the other side of the monitor proved to be one hell of a time. Thankfully he was in a very good mood, it happens when you've consumed a lot of booze in the last 3 days! We spent 2 delightful hours talking (and drinking) about the new album, A New Dawn For The Dead (released on Monday, June 13th), and about life in general. Tim has an excellent sense of humor and although he was tired (just came back from a show in Austria), he was kind enough to answer all of my questions. Interviews via MSN Messenger can be real fun, you have the chance to change pictures and nicknames while you talk and make jokes, while you surf the internet. This was one of the most easy going interviews I have ever done, so please enjoy it and read what Tim had to say to Metal-Temple.Com! Gore to the bone!
By Makis Kirkos
June 22, 2005
Fluffy (Gorerotted) interview
Hello Tim and welcome to Metal-Temple.Com! I understand you were in Austria this weekend, so how was the show over there?

Reall cool, we had a great time with God Dethroned, Collapse 7 and the Pungent Stench guys. Got totally drunk all day yesterday and today too so I'm pretty fucked up right now! [Laughs]

Well, that's good to know! [Laughs] It might sound like a trite but since I am from an online magazine I would like to ask you, what's your relationship with the internet?

I like it, it's a fucking good way to do easy promotion and to contact other people fast. It's made being in a band so easy, when we first started nobody had the internet so you had to write hundreds of letters and spend shit-loads of postage. Nowadays it's all e-mail, new bands don't know how lucky they are! It's even made recording easy, I was working on the mix of our new CD from the U.K. and the studio was in Germany. Our engineer would send us files and mixes via e-mail and I would be able to work on the CD with him from a different country. Amazing, really!

That's really amazing! Allow me to congrat you guys, the new album's a dynamite. It has just been released today (interview taken on Monday, June13th), right?

Thanks for the cool words. I'm really pleased with the CD. Yeah, it came out in Europe today!

OK, let's move on to the juice. Apart from the obvious reference to the classic horror film, the new album is also like a statement... A new dawn for you guys. Is that something that has to do mainly with the departure of Mr. Gore (former singer)?

Man I'm getting sick of talking about Mr. Gore everyday. I don't ever wanna hear that fucking name again! He did fuck all in this band after Only Tools and Corpses (2003) was released. Didn't write jack shit when it came to music and was a crap vocalist towards the end of his time with us. People think he was the main guy in Gorerotted or something but he didn't do any fucking thing at all. So yeah, it is like a new dawn for the band. New five piece lineup, new artist, new studios... loads has changed.

I never really liked Mr.Gore to be honest. You sound a lot better without him and the vocals are brutal, man, really cool. Only blood, blood, blood yet very technical.

Don't get me wrong, there was a time when I really liked Mr. Gore as a vocalist and as a person, he was one of my best friends. Sadly that time has gone! I'll tell Ben Goreskin (vocals) you like his lovely voice! [Laughs]

[Laughs] Yeah, you do that. The new songs sound dark to me, raw and gorerotted. What was the feeling during the recordings?

We were totally cut off from the world when recording. We stayed in a small village near Munich and just recorded and drank all day. There was about 50 centimeters of snow everywhere so we just stayed indoors, recorded, then ran to the store for some vodka and sat in the sauna. Really cool atmosphere to work in.

It sounds like you guys really enjoyed it. We can hear this in your new album, it's very tight.

Yeah, really enjoyed it, Stephan [Fimmers] from Necrophagist was really cool to work with and it was his place we stayed at for a few weeks. We had a great time!

How was it working with Stephan (Necrophagist) concerning the mixing. I mean, he did the mixing and you guys just watched or did you contribute as well ?

No, we worked together, shared a lot of ideas and tried some new things. Me, drummer Jon and Stephan mixed it together for a week. He did a lot of shit while we were still in the U.K. and e-mailed it over. The final touches to the CD were done all together.

I see. So, are you pleased with the final outcome? Anything you you'd wish to change or something?

Yeah, pretty happy but of course as a musician you always hear loads that you want to change. That's the way to learn! The next CD you just do the things you liked from last time and don't make the mistakes again!

What was the general acceptance of your new album from the people you played to?

People seem to really like it. Some really underground old school fans miss the blood and guts and some people miss Mr Gore but in general it's all been really positive. We've been playing 3-4 new songs at shows and people seem to really dig the shit.

Now that you have mentioned shows... Do you feel you have quite enough energy left to go on for the next leg of your tour?

Yeah, totally, I love tours and festivals. In fact I'm starting another band so I can play more. It's with the drummer and vocalist from U.K. band Screamin Daemon, they are like the Gorerotted of Black Metal. We are writing some really heavy shit. Some totally dark muisc, very different from our other bands. Also my girlfriend is starting a U.K. tour agency; I will go on all her tours just for fun!

You really enjoy touring man! [Laughs] I could ask tones of questions concerning your new band but let's stick to Gorerotted. Can you tell us something about the lyrics? As far as I understand it's about murder, voodoo stuff, violence etc.

It's only just getting started [the new band] so not much to tell right now anyway, doesn't even have a name yet! Yeah the lyrics are still about violence and horror but in a different way, darker and more complex. Wilson (bass) has taken over a lot of lyrics writing these days, he does the dark violent shit and Ben Goreskin does the drink, drugs and women stuff.

Musically speaking, can you tell us something about the procedure? Who writes the music? Is it something you do all together? Like you guys get together for rehearsal and you write a song?

Me, Wilson and Jon (drums) write about 90% of the music together, then Matt (guitars) will add some shine and harmonies. Then usually me, Wilson and Ben work on the vocals and lyrics together. We all live so far apart we only rehearse like once a month but for two whole days, you get a lot done that way!

True and I guess you all use the internet so that makes things easier. A New Dawn For The Dead... really extreme. I think you guys are the leading act in the U.K., concerning that kind of music, nowadays.

Yeah, I would say that too, without being arrogant or big headed. Apart from the old boys like Napalm Death and Bolt Thrower etc us and Akercocke are the only well known new British extreme bands!

Exactly. Let's talk a bit about the artwork in general. Mick Kenny (Napalm Death, Anaal Nathrakh etc)... man, that guy is a legend. How come you cooperated with him?

I just asked him. We wanted some new artwork and I've always liked his shit, I e-mailed him and we talked on MSN everyday and he would send me shit-loads of ideas. He's a great guy to work with, really one of the best artists in the Metal scene. Anal Nathrakh are a great band too.

I agree. The artwork is brilliant. Whose idea was that nuance of dark green? It's sick, man.

We wanted it to look similar to our music video we made for Only Tools and Corpses. It looks like a zombie film poster, really cool artwork.

Speaking about videos... are you going to shoot any videos for the promotion of the new album?

Don't know yet, it's so hard to get them onto good shows these days. Maybe we will spend the money touring instead. That's more fun anyway!

Touring is fun, that I know. OK, do you feel privileged being on a huge record label such as Metal Blade? You must have a really good promotion and distribution in the Unites States as well as in the rest of the world.

I couldn't believe it when we got offered the deal. Fuck, we are on the same label as Slayer's first CDs and bands that I grew up listening to like Cannibal Corpse. The promotion and shit in Europe and the States is great.

By the way... what's the story behind your promo CD and the toilet roll? Too damn funny!

Don't know. We were at Fuck The Commerce festival and my girlfriend called and said why the fuck has Metal Blade sent us 200 toilet rolls. Funny as fuck!

[At that point Tim changed his nickname to Tim is really drunk now, hospital please so I had to ask...] Hey, you alright man? Too drunk to continue? Need a hospital or something?

Not too bad, I'm always drunk so I'm fine! [Laughs] I will just start swearing more and the spelling will get worse!

[Laughs]Alright! Some general questions now... your website is really good and functional. You guys built it yourselves?

Nope, a German guy called Kim does it for us. We put some news on the old site saying we were looking for a new webmaster and he got the job. It's a really good website, people should check it out. Lots to read and loads of info for fans. You can talk to the other guys on the forum too.

Do you make a living out of music? Or do you have daily jobs too?

I don't work. I have a little CD mail-order and sell a few CDs at shows and stuff like that. Jon has a record label too.

Sounds good. Could you tell us an entertaining or funny story concerning the band?

I could tell you a million stories about us. We are the Motley Crue of Death Metal. We drink too much and bad shit happens. I've been drunk since we went to the airport for the Austrian show on Saturday morning. Me and Wilson started drinking vodka in the hotel at 10 am yesterday. By the time we got to London he had no pants, his trousers were torn in two, he is engaged to marry our drummer next year and we've lost all our money, credit cards, phones everything. We do the stupidest things and I've never met another band like us. I ended up in a hospital for 9 days last year cause I kicked a road sign and broke my ankle. Had to play shows on a bar stall with my leg in plaster and on crutches. That's the worse thing in the last year or so. We are fucked up, all of us totally fucked up and we won't make it to old age!

OK... you guys are wild! Next question, which of your songs do you prefer to play at a live performance?

Favorite songs are the slower ones like Cut, Gut, Beaten, Eaten or the punky ones like Pain As A Prelude To Death from the new CD. They are great to play live. So many bands are trying to outdo each other with speed and technical playing but live it's boring and you can't hear fuck all. I like real songs that you can sign along too, so many bands think a fast drummer and a technical guitar player is all you need these days. Well that's bullshit, you need good songs that people can get into. That's why I love playing the groove filled slower stuff live.

Agreed. OK, back to your new album. Tell us about your cooperation with Tim Turan (Status Quo, Marilyn Manson, Emperor, Discharge).

He mastered our last two albums, he's an old school punk with a great ear for music. He works with a lot of big acts so you know you can trust him totally. Always has a lot of advice on sounds and shit. He's more into making a good sounding record than just making it loud like a lot of mastering places do these days. All the bands want a loud CD and it destroys the productions. If you master your CD too loud it falls apart when you play it in a nightclub or loud at a party. You can crank our CD as loud as you want and it still sounds great, Tim Turan is a good man to work with, I totally recommend him.

Yeah, I think it's all a matter of normalizing the sound and you guys did one hell of a job.

Yeah, I'm petty happy.

Alright, you must be exhausted, man. We've been talking for almost 2 hours and it's getting late. Do you feel you want to continue or would you rather be released from your duties? [Laughs]

I should go smoke some weed with my friend who keeps asking where I've hidden it. I don't want it all gone before I've finished talking! [Laughs] So, yeah if you have a couple more questions we can finish it up and get drunk!

[Laughs] Alright man. Just a couple of questions and you are out of here. What do you consider as the best reason why a Metal fan should buy your album?

Because it is full of real extreme Metal songs, no bullshit technical wanking, just old school Rock 'n' Roll. Gorerotted puts the catchy songs back in the extreme scene.

Really, how would you describe a live performance of Gorerotted?

Again it's all Rock 'n' Roll, guitars in the air, jumping about like monkeys and have a good time. We just play like an old fashion band.

Well, that's all, man. Thank you very much for this interview, I really enjoyed talking to you. Do you have any last words that you'd like to share?

Thanks a lot too! Cheers for the support and come check us out at a show! I had a good time talking and I'm off to drink till I can't feel anything. Cheers man!

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