Have you ever wanted to know about TEMNEIN? Well our good buddy Daniel Fox got to sit and chat with Florian. Give us a little more insight about the band's latest release, their music and inspirations and the road ahead.

By Daniel Fox
February 5, 2014
Interview - Florian (Temnein) interview
Hello Florian, I'm glad you agreed to this interview. How's life, mate? It must feel pretty good right now to know that what you lads have polished off is one hell of a record; Congratz on the upcoming release. How was the recording process?

Hello! No problem, thanks to you for the solicitation! Everything's fine, very busy period but it's for good reasons

Thanks again! We're glad to see some astonishing reviews of the album! We're proud and confident about our debut album but you never know what people will think of it.

The recording process was very classic, we did pre-productions at home before entering the studio. In the studio we recorded each instrument separately before mixing and mastering all the tracks.

Being the debut full-length, I would imagine Temnein already has some sort of musical and lyrical direction set in stone; if this could be described as the band's "philosophy", what would that be? If I recall, "Temnein" is Greek for "to cut"; does that phrase have something to do with it?

From the beginning of the band, we always wanted to do something progressive and sophisticated but without forgetting groove and melodies. We also care to give a constant evolution to our music, with adding more and more influences in the future. That's right, our philosophy is about duality in everything in life. You can be good or bad, sometimes good, sometimes bad. We deal with the ability of each one to understand the world through its own vision. Sub loves philosophy and science, so the texts are filled with these themes.

You're not just a melodic death metal band; in fact, I'm not sure how I would classify you guys. Temnein sounds like something far more complex. I hear Arch Enemy, Opeth, Soilwork and Gojira. Musically, what would you say are the band's greatest influences?

That's right, we love melodic death metal, and it probably will stay the main base of our music. But we also like so many kinds of Metal and of course, other kinds of music. That's why we describe our style as Extreme Progressive Metal, we're influenced by almost all Extreme Metal styles and all kinds of progressive metal.

About our greatest band influences, you're totally right about Opeth, we all love them for years and they're a huge inspiration. You're also right about Arch Enemy and Soilwork even if we prefer At the Gates and Dark Tranquillity. Bands like Between the Buried and Me, Nevermore, Death, Dream Theater and Atheist are among our main influences. We like Gojira, especially our drummer who is a huge fan, but I would not cite them as an influence.

Speaking of diversity; wow, let me draw attention to "Bright Knife". Obviously I am a fan of the album, but to me, this song is what made it; over 13 minutes of excellence. Was this designed to be some sort of cornerstone for the album, sort of like Iron Maiden's "Rime of the Ancient Mariner"? What was behind the decision to write such an enormous, full-on track?

Thanks again, you can't imagine how I love this Iron Maiden song! In fact, there were two writing periods for this album. One before the departure of our firsts drummer and guitarist, and one after that. Bright Knife was written on the first period. At this time we were just writing songs to have material for playing live, and instead of always writing songs with a "normal" length we chose to assemble a lot of riffs and ideas during months to create a very progressive song, mostly inspired by Dream Theater and Between the Buried and Me. It was a natural choice regarding our influences.

That was my favorite track from the record; what was yours, if you have one? Maybe the most fulfilling or fun to record? Most fun to play live?

I think my favorite is Thirty Tyrants, even if Self Division is not far behind! The most fulfilling song to record was Bright Knife, it's quite challenging to record a song like this when you're limited on time at the studio! Tangled is probably the most fun song to play live, we play that song for years now and we haven't any more pressure about it.

Admittedly, I don't hear much melodic death metal that exemplifies the talent of each of the instrument players in a band; it's almost always the guitarist that's brought to the forefront, and often everything is sweeps, shreds and solos. But in Temnein, everyone gets to show off, per say. Do you feel as if that's important in a metal band, or at least for Temnein's music?

For us, it's important that everyone within the band has to show his abilities, we're a band, not a solo project with session musicians so everyone has to do his best! In the future we'll maybe brought one instrument to the forefront for one or two songs on a record, but never for a whole album.

Globally I think it's important for a metal band, the most common example is the lack of awesome bass lines in a lot of bands… Sometimes bass is also muffled on the mixing process to forward on guitars and/or vocals, it's a real pity in my opinion!

Leading on somewhat from that question... Given the full-force instrumental input that all of you have in this record, it sort of led me to believe that you all also have equal input into the songwriting, where everyone creates their own parts. Or is all of Temnein's music written by mostly one person?

It depends of the songs. Before our drummer change, Jul and me mainly brought the ideas of 4 songs (Tangled, The Realists, Bright Knife and Final Encounter) which were arranged during the rehearsals with the whole band. Then, we needed to finish the album quickly, so I showed up 2 songs already almost finished (Heart Hooks and Thirty Tyrants) and Self Division, which was co-written with James.

Even if a song is brought by one person, we always play it in rehearsal to see how we feel the song and if it's alright. We play it more and more to fix details and ameliorate substantial things.

Live shows! Obviously that involves so much planning. For a band that has still yet to actually release the debut full-length, how has Temnein's live career started? Or has it yet to really 'start'? I feel as if the band already belongs up there with the greats; I could well see Temnein performing alongside the likes of Gojira, Opeth, Soilwork, etc... Hell, a debut effort like this deserves a headliner slot.

We started our live performances three years ago, mostly with local gigs but we also played two times in Paris and in Belgium. We had the chance to open for two great French bands : Hacride and Hypno5e.

It's a real pleasure to read this and we would love to open for this kind of bands, but we have to face reality : it will be very difficult to realize this in a short term. We're still a young band, the metal business is saturated and even if we have a great support by our label, it will take time for us to rise in popularity.

But opening for bands like Opeth or Soilwork (and make summer festivals appearances) is one of our main goals since the beginning of the band and despite all the difficulties to reach it we are making our best every day to ameliorate the situation! I hope your prediction is going to be right as soon as possible.

Do you and the band have specific aspirations when it comes to live shows? Supporting a particular band or at a particular festival?

We would love to play and discover all the foreign countries we can! We all started to play music with the hope of travelling the world thanks to it, so we're looking forward to finally do it!

About festivals, I think we all dream to play Hellfest in France, it's awesome to have a major metal festival in France, it was unbelievable ten years ago!

For bands, let's say Opeth, Between the Buried and Me and Dark Tranquillity about big bands! On a more realistic point of view I would to love to open for great melodic death metal bands like Insomnium, Darkest Hour, In Mourning, Bel'akor or Mors Principium Est.

Thanks again for answering these questions, and also Merry Christmas.; it's always nice to gain insight into newer bands. What are Temnein's plans and resolutions for 2014?

For 2014 we want to play live as much as possible to support our debut album, around 10 shows are confirmed for the moment and we're continually searching for more! We also have a videoclip project, but it's not confirmed for the moment, we'll see this Spring if we can make it or not.
It's a bit early to talk about it, but we'll also probably start to rehearse new material soon!

Thank you very much for your interest in us, it was nice to answer this interview, your questions were very interesting! Merry Christmas and happy new year to you and to all the Metal Temple readers Follow us on socials networks, we hope to see you on tour as soon as possible!

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