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Loosened up, already willing to go out of the ordinary methods and formulas in order to become above the average Thrasher, and it is with assurance that there is no risk involved. With being labeled as progressive, the Thrash Metal export of Dissorted from Germany, is off to taken on Europe with its version of Thrash Metal with melodies. Steinmetal had a talk with the band's veteran, Florian Schadhauser about the formation of the band, debut album "The Final Divide", being signed to a label, songwriting and more…
November 9, 2019
Dissorted's Florian Schadhauser: "We often jump off the stage and sing and play some parts of the songs among the people in the room… And sometimes at the end of the show the alcohol level may be quite high
Hello Florian, I am really pleased to have you for this interview for Metal Temple online Magazine, how have you been doing mate?

Hey there, I'm fine. These days just feel great. After we finally had our release last week we are very excited and happy with the new record.

Your band, Dissorted, has been a part of the worldwide Metal scene since 2004, yet it came to attention after several press releases regarding your debut album, "The Final Divide". Before we head onwards to the new album, what can you tell about the band? How did it all begin? What kept you together all these years, going strong versus lineup changes?

I started the band in 2004 with some friends in school. After the first years and gigs I moved to Munich where the band was restarted in 2009. Our bass player Dillon joined the band back then. The current lineup is already existing since 2013.

Lineup changes are always difficult but sometimes they can also be very relieving. So it took some time to gather the right guys to make music, everybody loves to play.

Signing to Black Sunset Records, which is division of MDD Records, alongside releasing "The Final Divide", is your first step into the market. How does it feel to become a band that is part of the label's roster? What is your impression of the work done by Black Sunset Records to promote "The Final Divide"?

When we had the final master of the songs we contacted about 25 different labels and had a few offers. With MDD records we had a good feeling right from the beginning. We knew a few bands they signed over the years and everybody told us good things about MDD. Besides that, Markus took the time to listen to the songs I sent him and responded sometime in the night after he got my E-Mail (about 2 am) and gave us the feeling that he really liked our stuff.

After a few weeks with MDD we still think we made the right decision. They are doing a great job for us and always stand by their word.

In overall, since the possibilities for artists to release albums on their own has been increasing constantly, what is your opinion regarding the place of the labels in nowadays market? Is it still beneficial for a band to sign in with a record label?

We are all having a full time job, so the music doesn't have to pay our bills. But I think it's very uncertain for an underground band to record an album and sign a record deal.

Such a title as "The Final Divide" is somewhat cryptic. What is the foundation of this title? How do you find yourself connected to it?

We didn't want to outline a song by naming the record with a song title. So we talked about some motives and subjects, that appear in our songs, e.g. disunity. And then we came up with this title that reflects the matters of the songs, at least from our point of view.

Though it is not actually related to which Metal subgenre a band is playing, yet the themes, which I gathered, that are displayed on "The Final Divide" are pretty much sending arrows through various aspects of our life's experience along with social decay. What is the album's leading lyrical theme? And just to make this interesting, who is left more to blame for the troubles that we the people have been experiencing?

We do not have a concept with the themes. Mirco is writing most of the lyrics and he takes his inspiration from various topics. The social decay, as you mentioned, is surely one part of it. But the "Final Divide" can be found on every level, starting from personal to global problems.

Unfortunately, there is not that single person or institution that is to blame. But all in all, we can say that the people often stopped to think as individuals and give away their responsibility which leads to the final divide.

The album's artwork is both nightmarish and dreamy at the same time. What was the vision behind this piece of work?

We got in contact with Dani Hofer from Archetype Design and just told him the idea of our record and the title. We did not have a lot of requirements for him. And this is how it came out.

We didn't want a stereotype thrash metal artwork with neon colors. So we are very happy with his work and we think the artwork perfectly represents the final divide. It's more dimensional, like the lyrics and the music.

Dissorted has been bound by Thrash Metal ever since its inception, yet, at least after listening to "The Final Divide", this tagging might not be overly accurate. Though you are certainly not the first, how do you think that the implementation of melodies into Thrash Metal can take it forward while still maintaining its thunderous force?

We are always trying to keep our music versatile. Everybody brings the individual ideas to the songwriting. We all like the classic 80s style heavy metal. Playing monotonous gallops at 200 bpm would bore us, so we are always trying to bring in an individual touch and add melodies and breaks to keep the music interesting. This is challenging for us and we hope that it can be transported to the listeners. As long as it sounds consistently it still can kick your ass with a thunderous force.

Our base will always be heavy and fast metal. Since everybody in the band contributes ideas, we try to maintain some kind of individuality.

Comparing your early EP with your debut album, in which aspects of its music did Dissorted make progress?

During the last years we tried to find and define our own style, focus on our strengths and grow as a band and union. All the songs we recorded were written and arranged together. So I think that's our progress.

What makes "The Final Divide" special in light of a variety of albums that dwell in the same crossroads as Dissorted?

As mentioned above, we always try to do it our style and focus on our trademarks. We do not want to copy anybody. So if you like honest and pure metal, played fast with passion and character "The Final Divide" is going to get you 🙂

While writing "The Final Divide", which elements of your music were provided with a stronger focus, or better said, enhanced?

We do have a very powerful "shit filter", which means that we only play songs, that everybody in the band supports. This keeps us focused on our musical personality. I think that we pushed our trademarks - like varied rhythms and drum patterns, fast (twin) guitar riffs and vocals that go from 80s metal bay area to modern screams - further during the years.

How would you describe the songwriting process of "The Final Divide"? What is your personal approach to writing a song? Where do you begin? How do you find the way to integrate the music along with the lyrical themes?

It all starts with a basic idea someone comes up with. This could be a simple riff, a melody or almost a finished song. Then we all learn that idea and let it grow in the rehearsal room. If it works: great – if not: "shit filter". As we arrange all the songs together we make sure that those are 100% Dissorted.

The lyrics are the latest part in the songwriting. Mirco often has some melody ideas as he listens to the "basic idea" in the rehearsal room. Normally he writes his lyrics afterwards at home and presents them the next week.

At times on "The Final Divide", I noticed that there is a mood swing in the music, slowly enacting slants of Hardcore and Punk, sending echoes of Municipal Waste and Gama Bomb, are these the moments were you felt confident to just loosen up and simply bash things up?

We try to keep the music interesting. Playing the same riff with the same dynamic is really boring, so sometimes we have the feeling to add something that is out of the ordinary or unexpected. And those parts are often something really fast to go crazy and freak out.

Have you been playing some of the new tracks of "The Final Divide" on your live shows? If so, how were the reactions of your fans? Any particular numbers that were especially liked?

Except for "Corrosion Of Thoughts" and "Black Sea" we played every song on stage before going into the studio to get the live feeling that we wanted to carry into the record. The reactions were always positive on new songs. People often remember the gang shout parts when they can join us (like "Bloodshed Divine") or songs during which everybody is going nuts (like "Picasso Warhead").

Which of the album's songs do you find as the one that you feel that your soul inhibits it the most? A kind of tune that its magnitude is so strong that you can't simply let it go. Please elaborate on your pick.

That's a tough question, but if I have to pick one it would probably be "Bloodshed Divine". That's the first song we wrote with this line up. It probably defines our style quite well, all of our trademarks are included. Normally we play that song at the end of our shows, because the crowd always goes crazy on that one and joins the chorus.

What makes the live show of Dissorted special? What makes you kick the hell out of everything when you go live? What makes you go crazy?

We do not pretend anything on stage, so we always raise some hell on stage, jump and run around, and just have a good time with the crowd. We often jump off the stage and sing and play some parts of the songs among the people in the room. So the energy level is quite high, from the first to the last note. And sometimes at the end of the show the alcohol level may be quite high, too 😉

Any plans to support "The Final Divide"? How do you see your schedule in 2020?

We try to play live as often as we can, meet new people, share the stages with cool bands and travel around. We are really proud of that record and getting in touch with people during the concerts is probably the coolest thing in the world for us as a band.

Florian, I can't thank you enough for this interview, your debut is strong and I hope that you will support it well. All the best mate. 
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