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Crossover: a blistering, infernal, rambunctios mixing of Thrash and Punk that originated in the US; countries outside of the US do not exactly spring to mind when you hear the term. However, Finland's very own FORESEEN play just that; "Helsinki Savagery", quite the poignant album title, has just been released to the world, and one of our writers, Lauryn Palmer, had a chat with their guitarist, Erkka Korpi, about their work and creative process.
By Lauryn Palmer
January 1, 2015
Erkka Korpi (Foreseen) interview
Hello Erkka, how have you been? Thanks for taking the time for this interview for Metal Temple.

Well hello to you too and it's my pleasure to do this interview

So, with the emergence of "Helsinki Savagery", how do you feel about? How does it feel to have a debut album finished and ready to go?

It is a huge relief to have the album ready and out since we have been working towards this since 2011. There were some points where i honestly doubted that it will never come out but we worked our asses off and got it released. Huge thanks to Dave from 20 Buck Spin and Christian from Take It Back to backing us up and believing in to this record. Im really psyched about this album and i have been enjoying every minute of it.

What was your general idea for the album?

We just wanted to make a really fast and ripping album like the bands that we listen to and look up to, and i think that we achieved in creating something that we can be proud of when we are old and wrinkly. I can't really give you any epic answer rather than we just did what we felt was good and it turned out great.

Why did you title the album "Helsinki Savagery"? Share with us the reason for the Aggression

The title was a collaboration between Mirko, our singer and Dave from 20BS. Mirko wanted to have the word Savagery in it cause let's face it, the album is savage as hell, and we were struggling to find a good word to go with it. Dave suggested Helsinki cause we had our hometown represented strongly in the cover art and we instantly liked the name. The name kinda sounds like a cross between Anti Cimex - Scandinavian Jawbreaker and Carnivore - Retaliation and that's only a good thing.
and a reason for our aggression? We are pissed that the album took so long to make.

There's an interlude in the middle of the album, most interludes you hear are rather soothing rather than raging, and how come you chose to have a louder one?

That song is probably the oldest song we have and it was supposed to be the intro, but we felt that the intro should be harder so we wrote Slam Savagery instead. We did not want to waste a good song so we threw that as a intro for the B- side of the vinyl and named it interlude. We can't pull of a acoustic clean stuff so we just did what we knew the best and but in a banger.

Though Finland has been known to be quite a Metal country, in comparison to lots of other countries worldwide, what is your intake as a Finnish band?

It's kinda cold and miserable here most of the year so maybe that's why we are so good at doing metal? I don't know, there are lot of other countries that do also have a lot of metal bands, but i guess Finland is known as a metal country cause most of the famous Finnish bands are metal. Its only a good thing for us to be known as a Finnish band cause some people associate Finland with heavy music and are in believe that Finnish bands are good at it so it gives us a good edge.

Back to the release, how long did the album process take? Creative stage, writing, recording and studio work.

As i mentioned earlier we have been working on this release since 2011, but almost all of the material that made in to the album had been written within a year of entering the studio. All the instruments were recorded in about 4 days and vocals in about 4 days. The mixing took the longest time cause we had to do it by email due to our and Tapio Lepistös, who recorded and engineered the album, busy schedules. If you want to put it in a time span it was between April and September this year.

The riffs/solo's you throw into the tracks are awesome, how long have you been playing guitar for?

I could pull a dick move and just thank you for complementing my awesome solo's but i have to give credit where credit is due cause most of the solo work on the record is by my partner in crime Lauri Martiskainen. The guy is hands down one of the best guitarists i know and i am always amazed by his skills. The guy can come to rehearsals saying that he has not touched a guitar in a month and still be able to rip out all of our stuff with ease, comparing to me who need to warm up couple of days after a longer break to be able to put on my best performance.

But i can, with a clear conscience take your compliment about the riffs cause about 90% of them are by me. And to answer the last question: I have been playing guitar about 13 years now

Do you have any plans for tours around the world? Excessive touring perhaps, festivals in the Summer time?

We just finished our third European tour and we are currently booking our first US tour that's going to happen in august 2015. We have at least one festival show already booked for the summer here in Finland and i hope that we can get more. Tha plan is to play as much as we can but as tours go we can only play so much cause all of us have work and families that we need to keep in mind.

Are there any thoughts towards another album? Any ideas sparkled?

Personally for me the writing process for Helsinki Savagery was pretty exhausting so i have not started to write new material yet. We have been working on a couple of ideas but the recent tour and local shows have kept us quite busy.

What do you think about internet downloading the process of promotion nowadays, do you believe that it works for the benefit of the bands?

I do, i think that the music should be out there to be found so that people can listen to it. Nowadays you need to share your music through the internet cause people don't buy records like they used to. The people who are going to buy your record will buy it regardless if its free on the internet or not. I think that bands are just lazy if they don't do a physical release cause I for one want to buy a record if I like it and not just download it. Even though i mostly listen to music while I'm at work or in a bus or somewhere so Spotify has been a great thing for me but it still does not replace that moment when you get your hands on that record you have been waiting for and you put the needle down and just listen to it while examining the cover art and the lyrics sheet.

Erkka, thank you for this interview, I wish you and the band all the best and maybe a live show is in order. Any last words for the readers?

Thank you for the interview Lauryn, it's rare that someone wants to interview me alone so I'm honored and flattered. I hope that all the readers go out and pick up our record in any format they see fit, we have them all.

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