With the Italian melting pot of Metal growing richer and more flavorful every year, Revalve Records signees DEIMOS have rightly been making a name for themselves; beginning as a GAMMA RAY tribute band, the test of time saw no stopping them, with 2014 seeing the release of a new album, "Beyond". Amanda Rulton managed to sneak words in with the entire band roster about the growth from a tribute band to a fully-fledged Heavy Metal act, and the importance of internet promotion and
By Amanda Rulton
January 24, 2015
Deimos - Deimos interview
What gave you the push enabling you to stop being a tribute band and start writing and performing your own music?

It was quite a natural step. The will to create original music is evolution and a little challenge for a musician as well. To follow your inspiration: This is (or should be) the normal journey of each band.

Do you have any regrets about decisions you as a band have made? If so what?

Honestly, no. Even nowadays things could be better, but it's normal, everyone make bad choices sometimes, but then you look back at it and found it's all in the experience you develop. 'What if' is the worst thing you can bear with you!

What are your next steps going to be, is there anything happening at the moment..?

We are in a quite precarious moment in some point of view. Many things to do besides music, things to resolve, little chances to play live… Our next step will be promoting the new album, 2015 will be crucial for us and our music. The certainty is one: New songs!

If and when you do tour what places would you most like to visit and play in?

Is there any special reason behind any of these places? Each type of place to play has its own good and bad features. Mainly, little clubs give you more contact with the audience, so it is a boost back to the band, it's a special thing. The more you make mess before the stage, the more the band pushes it! Our wish for the future is to play shows abroad one day, touring around Europe. Unfortunately, due to our jobs, time and distance, we can play little live in this period, and playing gigs in good venues has become a 'hard' thing nowadays, so many bad variables in it, money for examples. It turned a bad and lucrative thing in Italy compared to 10 years ago, that's very sad.

Does it surprise you to see how far, you as a band, have come over the last couple of years?

Well, a little surprised, yes, but very proud, of course! After our first EP 'TerminUs' the line between the old image of the band and the current was already marked, then we looked to something new to propose.

What do you feel is most important for you guys as a band? Is it the fans, money or friendships you have formed over the last couple of years and why?

A band should be unite first. This is the base. Many issues may rise for a band, from within or outside it. Basic things for a band should be friendship and trust of course. If you are focused and willing to carry on, you must think what is the better and go straight for it, whatever the consequences.

Nearly 80,000 people like your band page on Facebook; does it feel like you have a lot of support from your fans?

The credit for that belongs 100%  to Santo, who worked very hard on web promotion, and with a couple of 'tricks' achieved that. It is stunning, isn't it?

You choose a rather elaborate design for the 'Beyond' album cover, it has quite a lot going on within it, would you mind explaining it?

The cover concept started from a sketch (literally, a childish sketch on a piece of paper) by Federico, it was a big portal with ancient Egyptian-like monuments on it, and all that cosmic stuff on the background. The basic idea was then passed to Santo who developed it in computer graphics, adding all the elements and that lion head with obelisk on the top. He did a great, great job with it. The five people (the band members) walk towards the light flashing from the portal, towards the 'Beyond', indeed.

What was the response you received for 'Beyond' like?

The album feedback is very positive, we are so proud of that! All reviews from Italian and foreign columnists are very good, this is another reason to carry on. So far, so good!

Did it surprise you at all to see your fans react that way to your music?

Yes, and it makes us so proud! It is great to see that the fans so good admit what you created, and it is an additional boost for us. Maybe you will not see us playing live often, but you can bet: Deimos are coming for more!

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