Abinchova is a Folk Metal Band hailing from Lucerne, Switzerland. They have recently released their 2nd album entitled "Wegweiser". Metal Temple's own Zakk Belkin has had the chance to speak with Dave (Guitarist), about the band, and even got the scoop on the new album,  since the lyrics are not in English. So, dear Metal Temple patrons, read and enjoy what Dave has to say.
By Zakk Belkin
October 29, 2014
Interview – Dave (Abinchova) interview
Hello Dave, it is a pleasure having you for this interview for Metal Temple. How are you doing?

Hi there, thank you for having me. I'm finally back to my daily routine after my summer vacation and ready to teach the guitar again to my new students, which is what I do for a living..

Please present yourself and your band Abinchova? How long have you been together? How did you all meet in the first place with the idea to start a band?

I'm the lead/rythm guitarist and componist at Abinchova and we're a melodic death / folk metal band from Lucerne, Switzerland. How the band came together is a really long story. So I'll make it a bit shorter. The band was founded in 2005, but in 2007, most of the old band members left the band. This is also the point where I joined the band. I was already playing in another band with a few other Abinchova band members and so we decided to join both bands together and only continue as Abinchova. I had already written a few songs but it was only in late 2008 when our current singer Arnaud joined the band that we really started to re-work Abinchova from the ground up. We basically changed everything. Logo, musical genre, lyrical language – you name it. In March 2009 Abinchova played its first real show and this event also marks the moment when our band became the group that people now know and listen to.

What is your inspiration as a band? What made you click to start this thing going?

Each band member has its own musical preferences and they all have an influence on our sound. Of course, I have a larger influence than others because I compose a lot of the songs, but in the end everyone brings in their own distinct style. My biggest musical inspiration are other great musicians and songwriters. I work hard to get to their level and this is also what keeps me going.

Where did you take the idea of the name of your band? Please elaborate.

Abinchova was founded in a village called Ebikon. Abinchova is the Latin name given to that village in the late 9th century.

Recently you guys released your second album "Wegweiser". What is your perception upon its creation, whether through rehearsals and the studio work?

Booking a studio and having deadlines is always very stressful, especially when it comes to creating music. Many of the songs on WEGWEISER were only completed a few days or weeks before we entered the studio. There were a few times when I thought that I wasn't able to bring anything together anymore, but after a few jams and late night writing sessions, we managed to make it work. Some of the songs we never even played together before recording. That was quite the interesting experience!

In comparison to your earlier work, did anything change for you personally? Have you felt a sort of change going as you worked on the songs for the new release?

As it is with every new album, you really want to one-up yourself in regard to your last output. You become more critical of your musical ideas and throw away a lot of things that you might have been okay with in the past. For me, songwriting was never an easy process. But good things need a while to come to fruition. Composing songs is not only a creative, but also a learning process that sticks with you for the rest of your life. You always refine yourself with every new song you begin to write.

Since the album isn't in English, what can you share about the story behind "Wegweiser"?

Well, our music is mostly about old Swiss tales and myths. Our new album WEGWEISER basically wants to bring these beautiful and strange stories to life with music. However, when it comes to lyrics, you'd be better served to ask our singer Arnaud, who writes our lyrics and designs our CD artworks. He is the expert when it comes to this topic.

Let's go into a sort of general discussion, as a band of the genre Folk Metal, what can you tell me about this genre as you see it in your vision? What is so unique about it?

Folk metal has been around for quite a long time now. However, it can still be seen as a young genre compared to other metal styles. It is interesting to see the rise in popularity folk metal has experienced in recent years. Gigs are still well attended and this gives me the feeling that folk metal might be a genre that is here to stay. I think this is also due to the openness of the genre, which allows different metal styles to come together under one roof, often united by the use of unusual instruments, which is great!

Through the years we have been watching the music industry heading to many directions, which apparently some will lead it to its own collapse. What is your view of it? Do you believe that internet downloading might be the cure or the curse?

It's a bit of both. Sure, people have always shared music with each other. But the internet has broadened the scope considerably and facilitated the way people can come across free music, legal or illegal. Internet downloading is great for smaller bands from every corner of the world, because they can potentially get a lot of exposure, something they could have never achieved by handing out demo tapes at shows. The biggest bands in the business are also not really hurt by it, since they already have a set income with tours and fixed deals. Medium sized bands however, the ones that try to rise to the top, are mostly hurt by online piracy. They might potentially sell a lot of CDs, but a lot of people just download it instead without paying. In the end, the music industry is now shifting to a business model where they try to sell you the things that you can't download: real concerts and merchandise.

Let's listen to your story a bit, but in general terms. What is your top 5 albums to recommend Metal album that people should sink their teeth in?

We all have different tastes here at Abinchova, but here are my personal favorites:
Symphony X – Paradise Lost (one of my favorite prog metal bands)
Arch Enemy – Anthems Of Rebellion (very good melodic death metal with brilliant melodies and some sick riffs)
Ensiferum – Ensiferum (Jari Mäenpäa's first masterpiece, a must have in every folk metal collection)
Children of Bodom – Hatebreeder (sadly, the new albums are a big disappointment, but their old stuff is still gold)
Wintersun – Wintersun (for me this album is on the top of the folk metal / melodic Death / symphonic genre)

Do you recollect any moments throughout your musical career that can me shared? Any moments that truly inspired you to go on?

I have been playing music live since I was a little kid, but there is something to be said about sharing the stage with bands that you've been listening to for years. Suddenly, you are playing a show together – That is crazy! And of course, it motivates you to further push on with your own band.

Dave I wish to thank you for the interview, I wish all the best for you and your band. Any last words for the readers?

Hey guys, see you soon at a concert or festival near you, cheers!

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