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I strongly state - as an intro - that I'm not the kinda guy to be given the latest Prog release(s) for review. Still, what I like can't be labeled only according to my beliefs. Thus, hearing Element V from Aussie mind metallers www.voyager-australia.com was enough to try and have a brief interview with vocalist/keyboardist Daniel Estrin. An interesting band, even for my straightforward taste; I advise you so, go grab Element V before their follow-up is out!
By Grigoris Chronis
June 4, 2005
Daniel Estrin (Voyager) interview
Daniel, greetings from Metal-Temple.com Magazine!

G'day from Australia!!!

I think you're on the works for a new album this period. Can you tell us anything you want 'bout this new effort?

We have written most of the recipes for the new smorgasboard [E.N.: ???] of music, now it's just a matter of recording it. We will most likely be in the studio late July/August to blast out the tunes for the next Opus... It will be very diverse again, but definitely Voyager. Again, I think there will be something for everyone on the album...

Is Voyager now featuring the same lineup?

Yes, we have been in a stable lineup for a while now. Geoff, Melissa, Mark, Emanuel and I.

In Element V – apart from the quality of the music itself - there's a great chemistry obvious, between the band members. I think you're lucky to be cooperating with such good musicians AND people.

Chemistry indeed. We all get along very well and work quite productively in the studio. Naturally, the chemical experiments occasionally go wrong. At some rehearsals, Sodium is mixed with H2O and we hate each other for a couple of hours. But then we all make up and declare our undying love for each other.

Now that time has passed, what's your opinion on the Element V album?

I still love it and listen to it on many occasions. Hey, it's our work and we're proud of it. Even though I sometimes think: Wouldn't it have been nice if... ?. I am generally very satisfied with the album.

I think that Element V was initially released as a private issue and was then re-released by DVS Records?

That's right. We re-mastered, re-mixed and re-packaged it, bathed it in Midas' gold and presented it to the rest of the world. Oh and of course, for Japan, we released it with a bonus track!

Lucky bastards! Really, how are things goin' with your label, DVS? Are you satisfied by their support so far?

DVS are doing good work and Undercover in Germany are promoting very well. I'm a little worried about the distribution because it appears some stores can't get the album which is a huge problem, but I think DVS are professional enough to rectify that problem.

Will the new album carry the same Voyager style? You know, this efficient mix of different Hard & Heavy styles.

Totally. All the new songs are very melodic, some songs are a bit moodier, but of course there are plenty of fun, entertaining moments on it. Many people have said that it will be hard to top Element V, but I am confident that this album will please without end...

I still couldn't label your music as progressive the way bands like e.g. Dream Theater are. I'd say Voyager is mainly progressive in mind...

I'm glad you're not labeling it. We call it 'heavy melodic music'. Sure it's progressive, it's always evolving, but it isn't progressive in the Prog sense.

Really, who's writing the music and lyrics? Is it a team work?

It's mainly me. I create the shell and the rest of the band creates the flesh of the song. It works very well actually. I write the lyrics, although some songs have had lyrical input from the others too.

I've noticed that the album got a great feedback from both the Media and the fans worldwide.

It's been totally mindblowing! I have a huge file of printouts of reviews from all around the world. People really seem to love it. We are being labeled as the new hype which is very flattering. The majority of people understand and embrace our music, which is immensely satisfying to us as the artist.

Were you on tour to support the previous album? I think it's a little bit difficult, living in Australia and going on tour e.g. in Europe. But what about inland touring?

We did a CD release party here and did a few gigs around town, but, to be honest, even 'inland' concerts are bloody expensive to organize. We will hopefully be going to the east coast later this year, but that will be he first time. It is extremely difficult leaving Australia, a simple airline ticket to Europe costs about $2000.

Apart from the legends AC/DC, I always admired most Aussie Pop/Rock/Metal bands. Be it Men At Work, Midnight Oil, Rose Tattoo, Pegasus or Mortal Sin I think that many people still carry on playing (and living) Rock 'n' Roll. Would you agree?

Hey, Mortal Sin have resurfaced and are supporting Anthrax tomorrow night here in Perth and Peter Garret from Midnight Oil has gone into politics now! How's that for a Metal legend?! Australian music is blossoming at the moment, even though a lot of it is embarrassing garbage out there. I don't think Aussie Rock will ever die.

Are teenagers keen on digging into Rock/ Metal music or are they brainwashed by the mainstream Media? What do you see down there?

Haha, probably brainwashed. Quite a few kids are getting into our music, which is very cool, and there are a few all-ages gigs that attract decent crowds. The last one we played at was hilarious. It seems all the kids wanted to do was to beat each other up whilst banging away to blasting Black Metal (performed by The Furor) [E.N.: ???]. Kind of disturbing...

Imagine yourself having grandchildren. What do you think you'd tell them about the Voyager years?

That they should NEVER EVER be in a Heavy Metal band!!!

Hahaha!!! Daniel, thanks a lot for this brief interview. I really wish all the best for the future!

Thanks Greg, we hope to see you in Hellas one day, for you to join the Voyage and experience the new era in Heavy melodic music! THANKS!

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