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Recently, Metal Temple writer Max Elias was lucky enough to be able to do a remote interview with INJECTOR, a fresh new THRASH METAL act from Cartagena, Spain. They just put out their third album, "Hunt of the Rawhead," not too long ago, and as soon as I listened to it, he loved it. "Hunt of the Rawhead" continues the band's tradition of sharp, original riffing and compellingly structured songs, all with the aggression of a band at the start of their career, even on slower songs. INJECTOR is Dani MVN on vocals and guitar, J.A. Ayala on bass, Dany B. also on guitar, and new member Alberto Dannaya on drums.
By Max Elias
January 23, 2021
INJECTOR's Dani MVN: "We are really looking forward to be able to tour
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Could you tell me a little bit about how the band formed and who your biggest songwriting influences are?

Mafy and I founded the band in 2012. We both came from a rock'n'roll band, so we knew each other very well by then. A few shows with our first songs were played as a trio, but soon Danny B (guitarist) and Alberto (new drummer) joined the band. We recorded "Harmony of Chaos" EP and "Black Genesis" LP with this line-up. After some touring Alberto left the band, so Anibal joined us as we started the recording of "Stone Prevails", our second album. The line-up is pretty much consolidated at this moment, and with our third work, "Hunt of the Rawhead", we are happier than ever! About the compositions, it really depends on which member start creating the song. I can't really name the influences in my songwriting, as I just create what comes to me in that very moment. But I guess that subconsciously the bands I listened and enjoyed the most, like Black Sabbath, play a strong role in the songwriting process.

What are your songwriting influences and what you listen to different?

Yes, I could say so. Apart from heavy metal, I listen to a lot of classic rock (Sabbath, Zeppelin, Robin Trower), blues, funk… you name it. All of these different genres only make your music richer. Opening to other styles, other worlds, keep yourself from copying and just making the same music it has been made for 40 or 50 years now.

How did COVID-19 change the writing and recording process? Did you work faster or slower because of it? Do you think the pandemic contributed to your songwriting ideas in any way?

COVID has definitely changed our songwriting… for the better! We were used to touring and composing at the same time. This process has some advantages, but it always keeps you in a constant hurry and sometimes you just don't have the time to make things properly, or as you wanted to in the first place. For this "Hunt of the Rawhead" we took our time, analyzing every riff of every song so we could be one hundred percent satisfied with the work done. It's a difficult time for the music industry but we have to live the moment and make things in any way we are able to.

You guys had a lineup change between this and the last album; how has the new drummer opened new possibilities for you/changed the music?

Well, Anibal joined the band just in time for "Stone Prevails" recording, our previous album. Things have been so much better with him in the band, and we have found our true music way with him. He has plenty of those brutal drum ideas which give life to every song, so this album wouldn't be the same without him, that's for sure.

You have a tradition of including an instrumental on each of your albums; can you talk about why that is? Or is it just a coincidence? What do you find different/enjoyable about the process of writing an instrumental versus a song?

"Interstellar Minds" was not entirely conceived as an instrumental piece, at least when we started creating it. But as the composition process continued, we realized vocals were not going to add any value to the track… so it stayed that way. One of the great things about writing an instrumental is that you need to drag the attention, sometimes by making things a little more complex. You have to compensate the lack of vocals, so there's more room to play with different harmonies and things like that. It's always a cool experience to compose an instrumental track, and we will probably continue with this trend on next albums.

What do you think your favorite song from the new album is?

Each of us has his own favorite, but for me has to be "Rhythm of War". It just resumes what we are as a band, with slow and fast paced riffs, great solos and harmonized guitars, aggressive and sometimes melodic vocals… well, it's just who we are.

We are still some time away from live performances coming back; so the touring you would normally see after an album release isn't possible. What are you doing to promote Hunt of the Rawhead in the meantime? Or are you focusing on other things, like more new music or merch sales instead?

We are now recording some live sessions, preparing a new videoclip and of course, waiting for things to get better! We are really looking forward to be able to tour, as this is what we enjoy the most as a band. That's one of the main reasons why we keep on doing music. But for now, we will have to wait, rehearse every week and be prepared for the moment we can pick up the van and play on every venue.

You guys have always had amazing production and all the intricacies of the guitars have shone through beautifully. Who can we thank for this?

Every one of us I guess! I record, mix and master our albums on my own, that's true, but for this one the four of us have been present on every recording or composing session, so we've produced the whole album as a band. It's sometimes difficult to produce your own music… you have to see the work from an external point of view, and that's no easy task!

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