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Self-damaging isn't a new thing, it is part of use, whether mentally or physically. Sustaining such damage for a long period of time, at times cannot be understood as a risk, only later on, growing up, and the repercussions appear in waves. Raising the notion about human damage, in various ways, there is the Heavy / Thrash Metal band, Gomorra, setting of with a heavier album titled "Dealer Of Souls". Steinmetal had a good talk with the band's guitarist, Damir Eskic about the new experience.  
February 22, 2023
Gomorra's Damir Eskic: " We are not that kind of guys
Hello Damir, it is a pleasure to have you for this conversation over the latest going on in the Gomorra camp, how have you been doing?

Hi Lior, it's always a pleasure for me! all good here, a lot to do, but that's good!

With Destruction, you just got back from 70,000 Tons Of Metal, which is no doubt one of the Metalized cruises ever achieved, how was the experience? Was that insane or what?

Heehehehe yes, this cruise was just amazing. Great people, great time, some great bands, and great weather! loved it!

Talking about Destruction, in relation to Gomorra, which you have also been part of since their previous incarnation, Gonoreas, how do you fit the time for both bands? In particular, since Gomorra proved that its future is in front of it, with plenty to prove

So, the deal is: if Gomorra and Destruction have a show in the same time in a different place, Gomorra will play without me. Second guitarist, Dominic, is an amazing guitarist, and he can easily play that stuff… for now I like it to play in both bands, it makes a big fun for me…

It has been two years since your debut album, "Divine Judgement", and it was right when the Covid pandemic hit. Did you have any chance, maybe prior to the release date, to have your fans taste it for a little bit? I trust that you didn't have much time to support it properly at all, right?

Divine judgement came and covid came… we didn't play much... in the covid time we try to focus on the next album, and so dealer of souls was born… now we already play more shows, and it's amazing!!! The guys are ready, and they have huge fun to play some shows.

With "Divine Judgement" considered a past, you went forward to forge the next in line, your sophomore, "Dealer Of Souls". Let's start talking concept wise, as I have the feeling about this. Is there a connection, in context, between the two records, as if a continence of the same reality so to speak?

Hmm, maybe yes, some parts are similar in the meaning…. we have this theme now and we like it…we just say, hey: let's do some cool and hard heavy metal together, and new songs where born, and the album is growing. So, that's it.

Talking about reality, what can you tell about the reality that surrounds "Dealer Of Souls"? From where I am sitting, it is grim, but with a shred of hope attached to it, as if nothing is totally lost. Is that correct?

Yess you're right! There is always a hope at the end of a tunnel. and this is a good thing, I think. We are not that kind of guys, that hate everything and thinking, that everything will fuck off… no, we have hope for the better in the future, for all mankind.

When putting it as an analogy to our present state of affairs, who is the dealer of souls to you personally? It is a symbol for what exactly?

Maybe, government, maybe friend, family, maybe just a poor drug dealer… but all they have the same: they are dealing with souls… if you brainwash your partner or friend, or your country, it's the same. propaganda destroys a lot of things… and this is what is the dealer of souls.

Once again, you granted the reins of the artwork to Gyula Havancsák, who was also in charge of the previous album's cover. Amazing work, highly detailed and it is an eye opener as well. It shows one of the two things that stand in our way in life, both connected to how we are damaging ourselves, at times without even knowing. What is your take on that? Does that look extreme or rather this is a mild look at reality?

Hey, you're totally right! Damaging ourselves is a good point. everybody is dealing with some damaging things, whether good or bad… but most time is bad.

Continuing the efforts of the previous album, but with a stronger attitude, Gomorra is all about the combination of Bay Area Thrash Metal, melodic European Power Metal with a stint into the British persuasion. The end result is a power heavy-weight riffer with strong melodies and full conviction helm of vocals. How do you find the musical efforts on the record, is this considered to you a step forward from the debut?

Yes, we move on and play also faster than the previous album... I think we will continue to write that strong material…

Earlier I mentioned the attitude of the band towards its music, from your end, can you say that this time around, with "Dealer Of Souls", you raised the bar of aggression to express yourselves much better?

Hmm.. We just want to make some great metal sound. Just good heavy metal!

Talking about the aggressive manner, there is also the finding of the cohesion between the lyrical end and the written music. How were you able to find that connection in order to fulfill the vision of both elements on the record?

This is easy for us because we generally feel each other when we write music. There is one way that we go together, and we love it together to work, to write and to try out some songs and ideas. There are no heavy and strength situation between musicians in the music working moment. we feel just each other.

You wrote one hell of an anthem for the record, "Stand United", no doubt one of the album's heaviest tunes but also highly inspirational with its theme. What can you share about the inspiration that stood behind this number? How did it come to be?

Stand united is a song for metalheads but also for people generally. In these weird times of the last 4 years, a lot of friendships I see split... so, this song is a strong statement for staying together. and in especially we have a lot of good friends, and this song is also for us special!

Sharing vocal duties on this track, you joined up with Burning Witches's frontwoman, Laura Guldemond, which provided her darkened voice pattern for this one, really going brutal in a sense. How do you find this cooperation with Guldemond? How did you know that she would fit the song's identity and along with your frontman, Jonas Ambühl?
Laura is like a family member, and yes when we got the idea for the metal song link this one, we thought: hey, it will be cool to have Laura here also on this song. we sent her the song after recording, and she sent this amazing voice track that fitted perfectly to our song!!

One of the tunes of the album, which I believe that you truly proved yourself as on hell of a power groups, is "A Chance for the Better". It is a punching, and punishing, thrasher with plenty of power, aggression and what not. Nonetheless, it is a positive note, an inspiration for those that are at a weaker point. What can you tell about efforts on this track? What is your take on the ideals that stand behind it?

When Dominic came with this riff, I was thinking, wow what an amazing and heavy riff… but also simple, but heavy! and then we sent it to Jonas, and at the end we had a song with a hope for positivity inside. I like it when meaning and lyrics is going to be different, not only doing everything the same…

With you already proving yourself a great engineer, I believe that it was your first time at the controls, along with Destruction partner, Schmier, for "Dealer Of Souls". What can you tell about the experience of engineering your own band, even were involved in it with Gonoreas?

Hmm… it was long time ago when I started learning how to work in the studio. I mean, I'm only listening and saying what louder, some frequencies and some bass stuff hehhe.. but first time for real I was working with my old guitar teacher Tommy Vetterli at newsound studio in 2001… this time I learned a lot…and for me the most important that the recording is not sounding like plastic, or like a computer game! and of course we are here a bunch of metalheads and Schmier is also doing sound and producing since long time, so he is also helping and trying every time his best! he just live and love metal music, I mean real metal music, and we are all happy that we can work in a cool way together.

Since I am sure that you have a schedule with Destruction for what is up next, and you do have an album to support as well, what will be with Gomorra?

Gomorra is playing when Gomorra have time, or when Gomorra have some requests.

Damir, it was great to have you for this chat, under the flag of Gomorra, you created one hell of a record, a true combination of the top forms of Metal music. I wish you all the best, and keep it going with strength and power. Cheers, Lior Stein

Ooo big thanx to you, it was a pleasure for me

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