Medusa's Child

MEDUSA'S CHILD, formed in Bern, Switzerland, formed just before the turn of the millenia, in 1999. Since they began, they have only released two albums, between 2000 and 2004. But now they are back, and better than ever. Our own Katarzyna Zakolsa had a nice sit down with the vocalist, Crow
By Katarzyna Zakolska
March 20, 2014
Interview - Crow (Medusa's Child) interview
Hello Crow, how have you been? Thank you very much for the time to take this interview for Metal Temple.

Hey Katarzyna, Thanx for the interview.

MEDUSA'S CHILD was formed back in 1999. What can you tell the readers about it? What is its influences and direction?

Well, we had the same reason like thousands other bands have when they form a band. We wanted to rock and we had something to tell. All of us were influence by the Rock music from the 70`s and 80`s like Deep Purple, Priest, Maiden and so on. But that was the old Medusa- Line- Up. It changed in 2006 completely, except myself, and so changed the influences as well. The current Line Up comes from another decade and you can hear that very well.

Prior to you being with the band, were you involved in other acts?

Yes. I`m also the singer of the Finnish Metal Band "Crow`s Flight" and has been involved in some projects from time o time. The other guys are Trash- Lovers and therefore they rule another Band called "Constrainet" which I really like.

What was the origin of the band's name? Mythology mainly or something enigmatic?

Because there are just too many bands called "Pegasus" J

"Damnatio Memoriae", your latest album, was recorded in Helsinki. Any particular reason for that place or merely because it was convenient?

There are some reasons for that. During the past we were touring a lot through Finland and so it came that we knew many other musicians, bands and studio- guys. It is very convenient for us to record our stuff there. You always can find the right guy for the right things to do. If you need an keyboardist for example, it just needs a phone call and you have one. And a damn good one. On our next Album Henrik Klingenberg of Sonata Arctica will play the Keyboards.

What can you share about the recording process?

Fun, Fun, Fun…. But also a hell of a work, problems, costs, sleepless nights and too many beer… and things you really don`t want to know J

Originally, it has been nearly five years since "Damnatio Memoriae"'s release, is there a forged plan for new material? A new release on the horizon perhaps?

Yes indeed. As you know "DM" is an re- release but the new Album is already recorded. We going to release it in spring this year. I guess about April or May. It`s kind of interesting story. We were looking for a record company for the next output in spring and we found it in Pure- Steel- Records. Than those guys decide to re- release "Damnatio Memoriae". It was a nice surprise for us.

Back to your album in question, I wonder why choosing the title "Damnatio Memoriae"?

The title is an metaphor to get over bad times from the past. If you want to forget something completely you should delete and destroy everything which could remind you on that thing or also on a person. A bad example is what that Kim "Motherfucker" Jong Un with his uncle did. In North Korea it is not allowed anymore to speak out the Name of that uncle even he used to be the same bloody bastard.

In my case I choose the title to talk about things I wanted to tell and forget but also to remember. To forget some personal stuff. To remind on some historical events. The basic lyrics are about the North American Indians and their destiny. Only the songs "Three Clowns" and the title track are personal stuff.

Is there a common base to the lyricism of the album? If so, what can you tell about it?

Most of the stuff is about the Indians, their history, destiny and religion. I`m interest in that theme since  my early childhood. I visit many tribes of them in America and tried to learn something about their life and their way to think about. Many times I was deeply disappointed and very sad about what I saw. The suffering of those people still exist and there is no light on the horizon. The trilogy "Wounded knee" tells about that.

A little about you. Who are you are your true musical idols and influences as a musician, particularly as a singer?

Definitely the 80`s stuff like Judas Priest, WASP, Maiden of course. But I also like Bands from the present like Iced Earth, Primal Fear, Stratovarius and so on. As a musician I think the stuff you like to listen, the stuff you like to play and in this way it goes into your own music if you want it or not. That means not that Medusa`s Child sounds like one of those bands, but I think it is in there.

What can you tell about the local Metal scene in Switzerland? Any old relics coming to life or mainly newfound generation music?

Alive and kicking. The underground grows constantly. Krokus came back again after some years of break, Crystal Ball and China are back and there are bands like Shakra or Gotthard of course but the best one Switzerland ever had is gone forever and that was Steve Lee (Gotthard) I`m not a "Die hard" Gotthard Fan but that guy has been the best live performer I`ve ever seen. Such a great voice.

Are you still promoting "Damnatio Memoriae"?

Yes sure. We`re working on it every day.

Thanks for your time on taking this interview. Any last words for the readers?

Medusa`s Child will celebrate the 15 year anniversary this year. I just want to say THANK YOU to every one who has support us during the years. All CD buyers and legal down loaders. Rock on people. See you on the road!

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