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On the wake of the new ALESTORM album, in his time away from the high seas Christopher Bowes, almighty pirate captain found time to speak to Aaron Price about "Sunset on the Golden Age," the strange covers the band does and drunken nonsense while on tour! Plus, everything that is sort of "hush hush" has been announced so im not disobeying the man!
By Aaron Price
July 25, 2014
Interview - Christopher Bowes (Alestorm) interview
Hey there Chris, how are ya?

I'm great, just relaxing just got back from the Graspop festival and all.

Yeah, always gotta relax after a big festival like that. Soon, "Sunset on the Golden Age" will be released, how are you feeling about it?

Great actually, im very excited. I've only read like one or two reviews to far and they all say lovely things about it so im hoping for lovely things. I think the fans are gonna love it, I think its gonna be a great thing to play live, its gonna be something new for us to do finally because we played our last one to death, so its great to start the whole cycle again.

Originally I was gonna ask about another hidden track like you had on "Back In Time" but the preview for the album has been release, now im curious and gotta ask why a cover of Taio Cruz's "Hangover"?

Well I actually just heard that on the radio one day and was like "I have to turn this into an Alestorm song." We have covers some weird songs in this past but this is probably our most bodacious cover. This one will show us the real "metal nerds" because it has a rap section and an awesome accordion solo so, some people will like it and some won't!

Have you been playing any new songs live besides "Drink"?

Yeah, we've been playing "Surf Squid Warfare" a bit. We're gonna be playing that a bit but right now all we are playing are festivals and I think when people see us at festivals they want to see the stuff they know, they want to know the songs so we try to stick with the older stuff right now.

Any plans once the European tour is over?

Yeah this weekend or something we are announcing a UK tour, but right now that's not announced so shh.

Of course, and do you have any support bands in mind?

Yeah actually we are gonna make it pirate themed, we have gotten a few pirate based bands like Red Rum. We wanted to get Swashbuckle on the tour too but they're out doing their own thing.

Recently Crimson Shadows signed to Napalm Records, have you had a chance to check them out yet?

Yeah actually, they're pretty great I gotta say myself!

Any chance on them touring with you in the future?

Actually, we are working to get them on our European tour with us. So I guess we will see soon what happens there.

Coming from the small town of Perth, Scotland, how do you feel about the fact that you've made it where you are now?

Yeah it blew up quite quickly actually, one day we were this small band and the next we are signed to a big metal label and sent out touring, some of our old members learnt that apparently traveling and making a living playing music isn't for them apparently but I think we have found a stable line up now with Elliot and Garret and the rest of the crew.

A friend asked me to suggest that you all should play on Aberdeen, Scotland even though its small. Any chance of that happening?

Of course, and its already planned to happen. That's still sort of hush hush though, don't tell anyone until we announce it [laughs]

Do you ever have trouble with fans understanding your accent?

With all the traveling we do I've learnt to sorta speak a universal broken English accent that everyone can understand. So until I start drinking and get incredibly Scottish everyone can understand me!

Are you planning any album release shows before you get to play Heavy MTL?

Not exactly an album release show, Heavy MTL does line up with the release date in North America though so it will be sort of a special show, probably won't play to much off the new album though!

Is your set looking like its gonna change since its with the release of Sunset?

No I don't think so, we might play a new song, maybe "Hangover" but that's about it because people come to see us play songs they know, you like to know the songs being played, so we will play our old songs like "Nancy the Tavern Wentch" and "Keelhauled" but we will also play "Drink" and maybe something else.

What would you say us, the fans, can expect from Sunset?

Powerful piraty goodness, with some great drinking songs of course!

How would you say you and the rest of the crew have changed over the course of four albums?

Well we all came from other bands so we all had an idea of music, and we all love to tour and drink and play our music so id say we have come more professional about our work and we are able to play it drunk perfectly at this point [laughs]

What is it like on tour with Alestorm?

Drunken madness and fun, we like to just hang out with fans and drink until we go to bed. Best part about playing live is just hanging out at the bar with the crowd after the show and drinking with everyone its awesome!

When can we expect some Alestorm Ale in local beer stores?

You know I've always wanted to do that but no one has come to us yet, maybe they don't like the idea that we give off of irresponsible drinking? [laughing] oh well, it will come sooner or later, we are a pirate band! Whether its Ale or Rum or whatever we will take it if it means we get our own alcohol!

Thank you very much for talking to me Chris, its been a pleasure and an honor to get to chat with you, is there anything else you care to add like a release of a new song or anything else?

Thank you mate I hope you have a good day, and I hope you enjoy the album. We have a video for "Hangover" coming out before the album drops so watch for that to come, probably about a week or so before the albums due! Thanks again, talk to you later!

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