Chris Machin & Sam Heffernan

Cranial Separation

Jagermeister stage at Bloodstock Open Air festival is full of hidden gems, usually with bands playing in between main stage acts you can expect to see the weird and the ridiculously heavy.
CRANIAL SEPARATION took over the stage with their adult toys and gnarly tracks on the second day. METAL TEMPLE photographer and writer Emily Coulter speaks to Chris Machin and Sam Heffernan about their set and plans for the future.

Chris Machin - Bass
Sam Heffernan – Drums
By Emily Coulter
August 22, 2018
Chris Machin & Sam Herffernan (Cranial Separation) interview
How have you ended up playing at the festival this year?

Sam: Kind of a weird one actually, we entered Metal To The Masses as we was unsure if we had a UK fan base at all as most of our fans are abroad, we got to the final but sadly didn't win.
Thankfully we got given a slot on the jagermeister stage and we have been so greatful to play this year, so much fun.

Did you get a good crowd today?

Chris: They tried to bring the tent down! We got some sex toys to throw to the crowd, so if you see people wandering the festival with various adult items it is our fault. I think our set had Wolf Of Wall Street vibes with how it went. Angry chaos.

Sam: The only thing that was missing was the crowd surfers, we had the lights flickering and the pole swaying. So much fun.

What bands inspire CRANIAL SEPARATION?

Sam: Pretty much anything on the extreme spectrum so bands like ORIGIN, BRAIN DRILL, FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE and FALLUJAH.

Chris: I like HAWKWIND and the man who wrote ''Gangnam Style''.

Any highlights of the weekend so far?

Sam: JUDAS PRIEST absolutely smashed it last night, ALESTORM and CANNIBAL CORPSE will be awesome too.

Chris: I didn't realise you had to bring a Hawaiian shirt this weekend for CANNIBAL CORPSE so I'm kinda left out.

Have you attended the festival before?

Sam: I've been attending since 2013, played in 2016 with AGRONA.

What are the bands plans for the rest of the year?

Sam: We haven't got loads lined up as we're planning to go write some more tracks then hopefully release a full length. Actually enter a proper studio this time and bring out something proper.
Our aim for next year is to really get around the UK with touring.

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