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It feels a bit strange. I've been doing interviews with musicians for the last four years but never before with a singer / wrestler! I didn't know what to expect from a persona like Chris Jericho (a.k.a. Y2J). After half an hour of speaking with him, I can tell you this: he is a down to earth metalhead, really enjoying what he's doing. We discussed about his band's latest album All That Remains and more...
By Michael Dalakos
April 14, 2005
Chris Jericho (Fozzy) interview
First of all Chris I have to congratulate you for your third album. It rocks!

Thanks man. Truth is we are getting a lot of feedback from the press and most of it is positive.

Finally Fozzy releases an album with solely original material. No covers this time. Where you anxious to see how people will react to such a move?

We were very exited by this album. It is something we wanted to do for a long time now. I think it was the perfect time for the band to start playing only our songs because when we started we were only playing other bands' songs. We started as a cover band and this is how we managed to get a record deal. The company liked the idea of a cover band. But we didn't want to stay like this.

What can you tell us about the recordings of the album?

The album was recorded in Atlanta, Georgia last year in a studio called The Tree Studio, this was the same studio where Alterbridge also recorded their own record. It is a great studio. The record was ready to be released actually last summer but we have some legal problems.

Like what?

Well we have a lot of guests in the album and it really takes time to gather all the permissions from their record labels. Of course this wasn't a problem caused by the guys who helped us. This was the reason why it took so long to be released but I guess that helped us to do better promotion for the album. We had the time to make a video and generally do what it takes to have a good promotion.

How exactly do you manage to be a singer in a Rock band and a wrestler at the same time? I assume both take a lot of time...

Yes they are both very time consuming and especially now with Fozzy getting bigger and bigger it's hard to keep on track. But I like them both. I've been a musician much longer than being a wrestler. I started being member in bands when I was 14 years old. It has been very exciting for me to see Fozzy growing through the years.

Fozzy through the years had a very unstable lineup. Do you think that now you have the best line up possible?

Yes. Definitely this is the best lineup. I know we had a lot of changes since people often didn't take the band too seriously. But now we are starting to show everybody who we are. I hope this lineup will go on for many years.

Let's talk a bit about the composing part of Fozzy. Who writes the music? Do all members contribute?

Rich [Ward, guitarist] is the main songwriter. He writes all the music and many of the lyrics. I contribute also in the lyrics, but Rich is the main composer. We all contribute in the band with our way.

Touring plans. I've notice on your website some shows. Any chance for Greece?

I would love to come to Greece. I know it is a very beautiful country with many beautiful women over there. You are very lucky! We have just toured England in February and went very well. We will visit Germany as well. The more publicity we get the bigger the possibilities to play everywhere. I would really like to play live as much as possible.

If you where not a wrestler or a Rock star what job would you choose?

I would probably be a writer for a magazine or a newspaper. I actually studied journalism in a university. Yeah definitely I would be a writer. Maybe in a Rock magazine. That would be cool!

If you had the ability to change one thing in the music industry what would that be?

I would change the trendiness of the music in the United States. The music here is very trendy. I am sick of Rock songs without guitar solos. There are no singers, they all sound like they are barfing. I like singers like Bruce Dickinson. I like this kind of voice. Is it that hard to play some good music on the radio?

Since you have probably heard the above questions a million times already I have some less serious ones. If the band gets abducted by aliens what song will you play for them?

I would play Born Of Anger. That is a very aggressive, fast song. Otherwise I will play a Dream Theater song, a very long one so they can fall asleep and we can escape through the backdoor or something.

While on stage you realize that the crowd has almost fallen asleep. How would you react?

Oh, this sounds terrible. I guess I will probably get off stage, steal all their money and run away!

Your favorite WWE Diva is...

Favorite Diva... Trish Stratus. [E.N.:Chris also gave me a detail about Trish but I only share it with Orpheus - Arghhh]

Can you describe us an ordinary day of yours?

An ordinary day. I get up early, drive to the airport, from there driving to the arena where we wrestle. Then if we have a show I will take another plane for my destination. Otherwise I will take a plane to return home and fall in bed very, very late.

Chris thanks for your time. Close this interview with a message to all your readers in Metal Temple!

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to speak to your readers. It is great to know we have fans in Greece. I love your country and I really hope to visit you soon!

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