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Morgana Lefay

I recently heard that Morgana Lefay were in the studio, working on their new album Grand Materia. The sudden urge to interview them came over me... after all, Morgana Lefay are a cool thrashy Power Metal band. Their aggressive style of vocals, in particular, has always caught my attention. So here it is, my interview with Charles Rytkφnen.
By Amy La Salla
March 15, 2005
Charles Rytkφnen (Morgana Lefay) interview
I read on BlabberMouth.Net that Morgana Lefay will be playing at the Chicago Powerfest. Is this your first time in the U.S.A.?


What would you especially like to see while you are in the U.S.A.? Anywhere you would particularly like to tour?

Hooters. A hooters tour maybe

I see that you will be touring with Lanfear in late April/early May. How did it come about and are you planning on touring again later in the year?

This tour is booked by Crush Concerts. I guess they thought Lanfear was a good band. We'll see about another tour in the fall. Maybe.

Are you planning on, perhaps, a full tour of the USA when Grand Materia is released?

No, but we are open for suggestions.

Perhaps more festivals?

That would be great. We like festivals. I think it's better to go on a festival tour than on a regular one. You reach more people.

What songs are you particularly proud of off of Grand Materia? What topics do you deal with in your lyrics this time around?

We are proud of them all. But we all have our favorites. It's a concept. Alchemy, eternal life, meaning of life and the eternal search for answers.

Anyone you have particularly enjoyed touring with in the past?

I have to say all bands. We have been so lucky and we have played with people that have been down to earth, open-minded and have had a good sense of humor.

It has been a long time since SOS came out, why the long delay?

Why not? Actually we have been lazy until about 1 1/2 year ago.

What caused Mikael Εsentorp to leave the band?

Other interests.

How did you meet his replacement, Fredrik Lundberg and how is he fitting in?

We have known Fredrik since childhood. And he fits like a glove.

How did you come to chose the name Morgana Lefay? Does it have any special significance to you?

I came up with the name in the end of the 80's. Our name was Damage until then. It's, in my opinion, a good name. And it stands for beauty, mystery, obscurity and pure evil.

Charles, you sing dual leads on the Tad Morose song Matters Of The Dark, how did that come about?

They asked me. Don't ask me why. Ask them. But fact is that Christer and I have known each other since childhood and we have known the rest of the band for many many years. We rehearse door to door and we party together. So that might be a reason.

I read on your site that you are contemplating releasing a home video. What sort of footage would you have in it?

That I don't know. We have nothing complete yet. Just some loose ideas.

Is it near to becoming a reality?

No. But it will be...I hope.

Any message you would like to leave with our readers?

Death before Disco.

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