Bob Baghchus

Siege of Power

SIEGE OF POWER recently released their newest album "Warning Blast." Following a 9/10 review from Editor Christopher Hawkins, he got the chance to speak with drummer Bob Bagchus about the band, the album, and some other topics.
By Christopher Hawkins
October 14, 2018
Bob Bagchus - Siege of Power interview
Congratulations for releasing a monstrously heavy, slamming album!  The sound is huge and every instrument is clear.  Is this your live sound?

Thanx for the nice words. We have not played live but this is our sound indeed. It is all pretty basic,actually.

The album has a well-maneuvered flow to it (I've seriously listened to it straight through multiple times on multiple occasions). Is there a concept behind it?

No,we do not have a concept or a special meaning behind it. We just entered the studio a few times and jammed the songs right there and just see where it all would end. We did not even had a record deal when we recorded the album so it all was a surprise to us as well.

My obvious question is how did the band come together?

Paul and me started out first being called First Class Elite in 2013 and even did a split CD with Violation Wound and Mike & the Boys. We wanted to play in the SOD/Amebix/Carnivore style. Then our singer had to leave for personal stuff at that time and we put the project on ice then as well. After a while Paul phoned me and said he had some more cool riffs and so we started recording again with the 2 of us. Then Paul asked Chris(when Paul was with Asphyx in the USA) if he wanted to do the vocals and Chris agreed to it once he heard the songs. For the bass we asked longtime friend Theo.

From what I've read, you all started in 2013 as First Class Elite and then split after releasing a split album.  What led to your return to Siege of Power in a personal, or micro way, and in a band total, or macro way?

Paul had some nice riffs again and he thought we should use older songs from 2 earlier sessions too and try to make a full length album for it. Since our original vocalist came up with the name First Class Elite we thought it was better to continue under a different name.

Where did you record?

In 3 cheap different studios here in my area and Chris recorded his vocal parts in a studio in his area(Earhammer Studio). We did drums and guide guitar at Studio Atak and Tom Meier and the actual guitars and bass where recorded at Paul's own studio.

What was the writing process like?

There was not much of an actual writing process really,Paul had the riffs and structures already so we booked the studio right away and started jamming/recording there.

The band has a live-type groove, was the album recorded live as a band?

The drums and guides where recorded live in the studio,yes.

Does the band jam when you get together despite the distance factor?

Paul and myself jammed right in the studio and the engineer recorded it. It was good fun,good beer and we just see where it would end anyway. We were not too serious at all. Later we send all the songs to Chris so he could work on the lyrics etc.

Are there any touring plans?

Bob- No, we are a non touring band.

I really enjoy hearing the Carnivore influence, especially on "Lost and Insane," did that just happen?

Carnivore is an influence so there are some similarities. It could just as well be a little homage to Petrus Steele. We had him in mind anyway.

Being that there are many top-tiered Death Metal bands represented in your roster, what are your thoughts on the resurgence of Old School Death Metal?

That is a good thing for sure. That bands keep the old school Death Metal flame burning but I must admit that I don't follow it that much anymore. Maybe it is an age kind of thing but when I hear Death Metal I always play Hellhammer/Frost, Slaughter,Possessed, early Death or Necrophagia. Guess I heard it all a million times for decades and for me personally I always take a trip back in time,which I enjoy the most by far.

What is the line between a band flattering you, and a band ripping you off?

Ripping me off? Like not sending a shirt while it's being payed? Or in a musical way? Either way,the line is very thin. More something like one is loving a band or hating it.

Is there a younger band out there that you think really has "it"?

Graceless from Holland. Their debut album blew me away. Excellent OSDM done right.

The two extra songs on your band camp page - Are there any plans on releasing them in the traditional sense?

There are being released on the digi.

What bands are you listening to lately?

I think Killing Joke is the band I listen to the most lately and besides that I listen also a lot to The Skull, Type O Negative, old Burzum and Saint Vitus.

Has there been anything to come along musically to influence you?

For me, I am influenced by old Venom, Celtic Frost and Necrophagia. Those where always my influences and always will be.

I think it was awesome for you all to release a video for "The Cold Room," particularly because of its Doom feel.  Do you feel part of that scene?

Yes for sure since I am a huge Doom Metal fan. I always loved the slow heavy metal the most. We also always had very slow parts in my old band Asphyx.

The art work is stunning.  What can you tell us about its inception?

It is the scene after a nuclear blast. A desolate and depressive landscape where one is better of dead. Roberto Toderico did an awesome job right there again! We love it a lot too. The colours and all is just perfect.

It is understandable if this next question would not apply, but what kind of gear did Paul and Theo use in the studio?  What's different in the live setting?

I must admit that I really do not know what they were using, haha!

What is the concept behind "Conquest for What"?

There is not really a concept. Every song has it's story or anger management or no anger management at all. I think people interpret songs differently or even recognize themselves or their situation in it.

What is the first band you can look back on as an influence musically?


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