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Archetype X

Barcelona's ARCHETYPE X is a band that could be called any number of styles or put into several different genres. Their sound is filled with a lot of influences and variety, everything from melodic death to progressive. Their new album "Regression," was released in November 2022 and is a sterling display of their prowess. Metal Temple writer Justin Wittenmeier recently interviewed them on a variety of subjects, finding out what makes them tick.
January 24, 2023
Archetype X: "Part of what makes this project special to us is the fact that we are writing music that we want to listen to." interview
Your line up was solidified into a five piece in 2021 and then you began work on Regression…many bands are releasing albums born out of the desperate times of the pandemic.  Did the pandemic have any influence on the writing of the songs that would become Regression?

Archetype X:  Actually, many songs out of Regression were ideas that started being developed way before the pandemic ever hit. Our guitarist Lluis had been working on some of the songs in the album for quite some time, but those were put on hold once C19 took over. We thought it wasn't the best idea to release an album in mid pandemic and we had to iron some things out as a band in the meantime as well. Once things returned to normal and we secured our five-piece lineup we picked up those songs and polished them into what you hear in Regression.

In the post pandemic music world…situations, tours, and logistics are still broken.  I see so many tours announced then canceled or albums announced and pushed back…how scary is it now for bands from your perspective?  How about for Archetype X itself?  Was there any fear and/or hesitation launching an album at this time?

Archetype X: Touring is definitely something that can be scary, especially for newer bands. Even for established bands, it's a risk. There are so many artists trying to make it and people have less time to dedicate to music, especially with an ever-growing increase in supply of content. From our perspective really, it's all about trying to grow our audience before we would ever consider large scale touring. For now, we are getting offers to play in Barcelona and around Spain, so we are focusing on quality over quantity. With regards to launching our album, to be honest, there wasn't much hesitation around it. We saw the release of Regression as an opportunity to really kick off this project after being relatively inactive for some time.

Where did you start with writing? In terms of building the details of the song?  Your music incorporates so many ideas and styles that, as an outsider looking in, it seems it would be somewhat of a challenge to decide what to do with each song.

Archetype X:  As mentioned in our first answer, majority of the ideas found in Regression were conceived by our guitarist Lluis prior to the C19 pandemic. The ideas he brought into the mix really reflected his musical influences and the bands that inspire him to continue growing as a musician. When we solidified our lineup in 2021, we brought in different perspectives and ideas that added on to the initial prototypes and later became what you will find in the album. We don't think that we've ever struggled to compose or add onto our music as we always keep the door open to new influences. As long as it sounds good to us its fair game!

The album is a short but sweet ride at just under 30 minutes.  Was this a conscious decision to make it on the short side or is that just how the album ended up after it was all said and done?

Archetype X:  To be honest, we wanted to create somewhat of a journey of emotions through Regression and the songs you find within fit perfectly into the story we wanted to tell. That being said, we only included the songs that felt right to us to support our story, so you could say that the album's length was a conscious decision.

Was there ever a time when Archetype X wanted to stick to a particular style/genre?  Did the adding of members bring in these other influences that sort of "stretched" out the band's sound?  Or was it decided from day one that the band would not stick to any particular style?

Archetype X:  Part of what makes this project special to us is the fact that we are writing music that we want to listen to. That being said, we have never sat down and discussed the direction we wanted to give our band musically. As a band, we have somewhat of a common denominator in terms of music taste, but in the end, each member enjoys different things and therefore brings different influences into the mix. Our compositions reflect the different styles we enjoy personally and that's why the listener will be able to get hints of so many different flavors when they listen to Regression.

Were there ideas or songs for Regression that you wanted to use but couldn't for whatever reason that might be used for the next release?

Archetype X:  Indeed, we have a few song ideas that are still "in progress" or so to say. Basically, a compilation of unused riffs and ideas. However, we are not sure if these will be included in our next release yet or not, it all depends on whether the riffs we have fit into the song that we are writing.

What kind of influence has Spain or, specifically, Barcelona, had on your music?   I know Spain has a big metal scene but how about Barcelona itself?  How is the local metal scene there?

Archetype X:  Well, we don't think we are very influenced by our local music scene. To be quite frank, we all really enjoy music hailing from other parts of the world, and we don't feel limited by our national boundaries. If we were to list you our primary influences I doubt you would find a Spanish band.

How does the band view the phrase "Female fronted metal band?"  I've read that some bands really embrace it, especially the front women, who feel it helps empower their gender.  But I've seen other bands want to stay away from it, to instead want the focus on the music since, in their mindset, no one ever says "Male fronted metal band."  Personally, I can see how bands might feel either way.

Archetype X:  To be honest, we never consciously decided we wanted to be a "female fronted" metal band, our band kind of started organically. That being said, we are all for empowering women, but don't really feel that we are doing so by labeling us as a "female fronted" metal band, especially in 2023 where you find so many powerful kickass ladies in the metal scene. We are indeed only trying to focus on making the best quality music we can, and we just so happen to have an incredibly talented singer who is a female.

What is next for Archetype X?  Full speed ahead on tours for a couple years or focusing on more music?

Archetype X:  We have a lot of exciting things that we would love to share, but unfortunately can't as of right now, so stay tuned to our socials to find out!

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