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More anger, more gloom, more disappointment when things aren't really going well, so what there is to do rather than unleash those feeling into something constructive, expressive and true? Writing about it of course. Returning with a heavy load to unpack from their souls, and shoulders, the German Heavy / Power Metal band, Veritates, continue their journey. Offering their new "Silent War" album, there is plenty of soul-searching, an experience to embrace and to expect. Steinmetal had once again a chat with the band's frontman, Andreas Von Lipinski, and it appears that new beginnings have a good effect.
October 30, 2022
Veritates's Andreas Von Lipinski: "In extreme situations
Hello Andreas, it is once again a pleasure to have you for a conversation with Metal Temple online Magazine, how have things been on your end sir?

Hello Lior it is an honor for me to answer your questions again. At the moment everything is going very well as I just released new albums with WARWOLF and VERITATES. It's always exciting to wait for the reviews and hope that people like our music.

Apart from that, this year was finally a year of concerts again. Besides the first Warwolf gigs and the gigs of my cover bands, I could also be a guest singer at the anniversary concerts of Grave Digger. But we also notice that it's getting more difficult to get gigs and the number of visitors is decreasing.

Right before the Covid-19 pandemic hit worldwide near the mid of 2020 we last spoke about Veritates, surrounding its debut album. A little more than two years and here we are again. Since these were troubled times, did you have the chance to support the debut?

Well, it goes like this, on the one hand VERITATES was more of a project at that time, before we decided to make a band out of it in the middle or end of 2021 by adding a permanent solo guitarist and a drummer who would always be available live.

But due to the pandemic we were only able to play live once which was great and very well received, there we also tested 3 songs from Silent War. Actually Veritates was not meant to be a live band, because we live far away from each other, and the fees that an underground band gets would not cover this effort. Whereas the sales of the first album went well, also because of the positive reviews in the online and print magazines.

Looking back at the harsher periods of the pandemic, how can you summarize these last couple of years? What can you say that you learned about yourself as a person that tries to cope with a situation, as well as the people around you?

For me, not much had changed because everything continued in my job, as a craftsman we even had much more work than the years before.

What really bothered me was the social media, or the media in general, with daily news and new horror scenarios. I felt like I was surrounded by complete idiots, all these lateral thinkers, conspiracy theories, vaccination opponents, etc..

In extreme situations, such as the pandemic or currently the war in Ukraine, most people show their true colors, and I can only say that stupidity is always the loudest, in short, mankind has fucked up, ha ha

New beginnings were for Veritates, other than championing the pandemic, is finding a new home for its music. Recently, you signed with Doc Gator Records, which might be smaller than Pure Steel Records, but proved itself to be prominent. How do you view this turn of events for Veritates? How does this signing serve the new record?

We could have released the new album on Pure Steel, but there was a restructuring there that was not acceptable to us, especially because they are now working without distribution and are focusing mainly on the digital market. However, physical media and especially vinyl were also important to us. Already the debut album was released exclusively on vinyl by Doc Gator Records.

We had several offers from small labels, but in the end Tom had the last word because he was financially the most involved. It's not about the size or popularity of a label, it's about what they can offer a band. Doc Gator Records is a label made by metal fans for metal fans, and for that reason they are making not only the vinyl version but also the CD version this time. The vinyl is available in 6 different vinyl colors, even if they are not as large distribution as other labels, so here is the product quality in the foreground and who wants to buy it can do it anyway, I think the record will sell very well.

Speaking of the new record, your sophomore, "Silent War", was recently released. From my end, an even darker, and emotional, journey for every listener. What is that silent war that you are referring to? Is this the war within a troubled soul or does it have any relation to what we had endured in the last couple of years?

Interesting question, actually it's much more banal, you have to consider the album was made in the middle of the pandemic. Tom read somewhere the 2 words: SILENT WAR. It was clear to us that this would be the title of the album, it is the best synonym for the pandemic situation. At that time it was not clear in which musical or lyrical direction the album will develop.

The overall nature of "Silent War" twists and turns between aggressiveness and serene states, well not that serene, but close enough. When it comes to its general concept, how is this darkness channeled within the lyrics of the songs?

Honestly when we start making the music, or even afterwards when I write lyrics to the songs, we didn't have a master plan or a concept in mind. I think we just let ourselves be guided by the current situation and the emotions it brings. For us it was always important that lyrics are sophisticated and we will not serve metal clichés. And the music of Veritates has always made me personally write melancholic gloomy but never hopeless lyrics. On the new record there are some fictional dark stories but most of them, even if I repeat myself, refer to the depressive mood of the pandemic.

Earlier we talked about the meaning of the silent war word duo, on a personal note, would you say that the record offers a way out of the mess, a probable solution that might enable peace for the mind and soul?

Partial. On the one hand songs like "For My Thoughts" or "my own way" offer a lot of strength not to have to justify oneself for everything and to go one's own way even if it is stony, but songs like "Mirror" or "Alone" are just deeply sad. And songs like "Evil" or "Fear Sells" just convey hopelessness, others like "Lies" and also "thoughts" of boundless rage.

I am a person who always has to appear self-confident, energetic and friendly, but in me there is also a deep darkness that is partially self-destructive. But also these emotions belong to life and also these help us to get through difficult times.

The album's artwork looks more or less like a scene from "The Ring" movie, the girl motif might provide the best possible hint for that assessment. What can you tell about the vision that stands behind this art? Who made it for you?

Yes, the artwork was a thing, in the beginning we had a cover from Blackart Designs which we thought was perfect but also very bright in color, after the music and lyrics became darker and darker, both the label and our producer said that it would not fit, and it must be somehow recognizable that it is metal.

We let ourselves be persuaded after weeks of hesitation and were actually not entirely happy with this decision. After we had rejected at least 20 artworks, we got from MS Art Design the image with the girl, what we liked well, however, was the optics with the archway overlooking a cemetery, but with the lyrics it has actually not much to do, it was rather an emergency plan. But with a little distance I think it fits very well because it describes a bit the darkness of our souls, apart from that pastes the blue wonderfully with the colored vinyl. ha ha.

We talked about the album being at that fine line between aggression and serenity. With "Silent War", as I perceive it, Veritates is more emotional, angier and brutal to an extent. The music has widespread Power / Thrash Metal moments, merging Teutonic Metal with early US Power Metal with finesse. Would you say that "Silent War" is where Veritates put more pedal to Metal?

First of all, I must tell you that your description could not have been better. That's exactly how I try to describe the style of the new record to other people. In the beginning we only had the typical long Veritates songs, I just realized that these lyrics can't be sung in a powermetal way like on the debut, that would have sounded emotionless, there had to be a mixture of clean vocals and more aggressive vocals, For a long time we thought about whether I should sing it clean or harder.

Towards the end we realized that we also needed two shorter songs that also radiated power, I wrote the music and lyrics for "For my Thoughts" on my own, Tom then added "My own way" with these wonderful guitar riffs. So the hardness of the music changed on its own.

Along with the aggression of the riffs, and you shared quite a selection of those, your voice became heavily diverse in comparison to your Wolfen years, along with the effort on the debut of Veritates. Taking on a harsher form defined a new face for the band, and the record. How do you view this change on the vocal perspective on "Silent War"?

Because of my harder vocals, comparisons to Wolfen came up immediately, although I don't see it that way because I vary a lot more here. And when I sing hard, I just sound like old Wolfen songs or Matt Barlow, which can't be that bad.

Let's talk about the songwriting phase of the record. Tom Winter, from the start, has been in charge of the music, while you take charge on vocals and lyrical end. With "Silent War" being a change of scenery, what can you tell about the nature of the songs musically? Would you say that something changed in the way you two wrote the songs?

No basically nothing has changed in the songwriting process. Tom wrote the music, which we then edited together, which, as usual, was very easy for us because we are absolutely on the same level.
The only difference is that this time there are two songs by me and one song by our new guitarist Frank. In addition, we gave Frank a free hand with the solos

Winter, as the main supplier of riffs, already proved himself to be a great songwriter and riffer. As an addition to Veritates, you added ex-Wolfen guitarist, Frank J. Noras, to the fold. What can you tell about the contribution of Noras to "Silent War"? How did you know that he would be Veritates material?

We need a permanent lead guitarist, and it had to be someone who actually only contributed the solos to the new songs, since all the songs were already written. But of course he also had to play the rhythm guitar live. Why not get someone on board who I've been making music with for almost 25 years, and he also contributed a song that goes very well with the album

Producing and engineering "Silent War" was no other than Grave Digger's frontman, Chris Boltenthal, and it wasn't his first work I believe. What can you tell about the work with Boltenthal? How was he able to capture the essence of what Veritates is on "Silent War" in terms of sound?

It came about by accident, after producing the WARWOLF album, he suggested me to work on VERITATES as well, at first I was skeptical as I didn't know if he could handle a more modern sound, but the result shows he can do it perfectly. He was a great help as he joined us during the songwriting process and gave us a lot of tips.

Entering a darker realm was neatly made by the opening track, "For My Thoughts". No doubt that it is one of the album's emotional tracks, letting the listener know that things are about to get bumpy, but also touching. What can you tell about the track?

It was just before we finished all the songs, we needed something catchy, and I was having a bad day, so I grabbed my guitar and started trashing it. After half an hour the music was ready, Tom then put everything in the right direction. Out of my frustration, the lyrics only took 25 minutes, I was just fed up with the politically correct do-gooders trying to tell me what I can and can't say. But one thing you can't take away from me is what I think, or what I think about. A short journey into my dark soul

Turning violent, in an Iced Earth kind of attitude, is "Lies". If I could describe a person that is heavily pissed off, and also frustrated, at the same time, this song would be one of the first terms that I would use. I think it was one of the first times that I listened to yourself sing in such a harsher manner, even in contrast to the other heavier tracks on the record. What is your appreciation of this track? How does this tune define the Veritates image?

I have no idea why I sang so emotionally that day, it's a snapshot. First I should sing it a little softer again, but my opinion was that the song needs it exactly like that, for whatever reason. Basically it was never intended to change the band's image or style, it just came about that way, maybe we would make progressive metal on the next album, however I see silent war as a logical continuation of Killing Time, the Anger has grown, and sadness has also grown, but we've grown too, and have opened new doors for us, but we're just only take a look into the new rooms, the style that Tom and I have determines the overall picture

With Wolfen now being WarWolf, which also recently released its debut album, looking forward, is there a plan for a double set of the former and Veritates? It is probably going to be a little tough for yourself, but I believe that it would be quite an enjoyable event.

I don't know I haven't thought about that, it would be a nice idea if the singer could manage it. haha

Speaking of shows, are there support shows for "Silent War" scheduled anytime soon?

At the moment there are no requests, we're just one of many underground bands, but we're trying to play at least a handful of shows next year, you're welcome to support us to get gigs.

Andreas, thank you again for your time for another interview. It was great to have you. I was quite pleased to hear another offering by Veritates, and I sure hope that another wouldn't be long coming. All the best

All the best Lior you are always welcome


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