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Six years of a long wait ended with the reemergence of the US Death Metal veterans, INCANTATION. Evading the modern trends of their played genre, the band issue their comeback release of "Vanquish In Vengeance", via Listenable Records. One of the band's latest additions, Alex Bouks, with the role on the guitars, talked to Steinmetal about the new album, band's beliefs and more… 
June 20, 2013
Alex Bouks (Incantation) interview

Greetings Alex, this is a huge honor having you for this interview for the Metal Temple web magazine. How have you been doing?
Hi there Lior, things are going really well for us right now. We just got home from doing a few shows in Europe and the States that were very good for us.
Finally after almost six years that INCANTATION blasphemous fame is back with a new release, hopefully this time with more frequent albums than before. For a first bite, what took you damn so long to return with an album?
It was not the right time to do a record. We were not inspired to do a record. We don't want to put anything half ass. When the time was right and we felt inspired we started writing songs together. We are now working on another record as I speak. So you will not have to wait so long for the next one.
"Vanquish In Vengeance", signed back to Listenable Records, a well-chosen title with tons of power to back it up. Also this album symbolizes the true origins of Death Metal. With all of the modern Hardcore infusing itself to extreme Music, INCANTATION have been one of those old Metal bands keeping the hallowed genre as it should be. Do you agree with that assessment?
Yes, we will never change. We are a death metal band and that is what we will always play. No compromises. There is a vision and dedication to a sound and message that we will continue to send and create as long as we are inspired to do so.
As a band that has been all for the occult, including Satanism, and against the corrosive nature of nowadays religion, do you think that your constant attacks still matter? Does "Vanquish In Vengeance" indicates another type of assault against what you see as one of humanity's greatest enemies?
We do not agree or believe in any religion and yes for me it symbolizes the slavery that religion has had on man over the years. As for the occult that is something that is very personal to me of course.
Since six years passed since your latest effort, do you think that INCANTATION changed within its boundaries with "Vanquish In Vengeance" even for a bit or this is a mere continuity of the past?
I don't think there is much of a change just a new inspired band now. It is a band working together for a common goal not just John and Kyle doing all the writing like in the past. It is a band effort so I think the new material is even stronger and will continue to become better darker and more extreme.
It would be interesting to know your point of view on some of the album's songs. Which of those titles did you find most influential and which meant more for you personally?
Most of my contribution to the record was the music but I did write all the lyrics for Ascend into the Eternal and that is very personal to me. It reflects my journey beyond death to become GOD.
I believe that one of the album's greatest markers, aside from the music that clung to the old school varieties of Death Metal, is its sound production. Who produced the album and do you think that it represents both the band's vision and material?
We produced the record but we had Bill Korecky record and engineer the record. He has done most of our records/He knows what the band wants and he knows how to get the best performance out of us. We used Dan Swano to mix and master the record. I think he did a great job bringing or sound more sonically crushing.
Only a few months after the release of "Vanquish In Vengeance", what is the plan to support the album?
We will do some more dates in the States in July and at some point come back to Europe to tour later this year.
John I wish to thank for you for this interview. INCANTATION is reminder that old Death Metal lives and breathes. Good luck to you guys on the road ahead. Any last words for the fans and readers?
Cheers thanks for the interview and see you guys on the road

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