Alex Beyrodt

Silent Force

Silent Force's guitar player Alex Beyrodt was kind enough to answer our questions about Silent Force's new album, his fellow band member DC Cooper, their upcoming tour with Angra and U.D.O. and their future plans. Enjoy!
By Aris Stremmenos
March 13, 2002
Alex Beyrodt (Silent Force) interview
First of all congratulations on your new album, Infatuator. How do you feel now that it is released?

We feel very happy and proud. The band sounds better then ever before. We grew as a team and I'm very proud to have this team with me.

We are going on tour with Angra all over Europe from tomorrow, then we have a personal invitation from U.D.O to join their tours in Germany...Things are going really well.

How has the public reacted to it so far?

We have good results all over the world, regarding sales and live. We played a Headliner Show in US and with Stratovarius all over Europe, Rhapsody, Symphony X...just to name a few.

Is Silent Force a full-time band, or a project?

If somebody thinks we are a project, then this person is deaf... I don't like this question. Why are people always asking this? We did our second release, working as a team, toured all over the planet!!!

Sorry, I always get upset about this question, because I really do not understand why people ask that. Is Rhapsody, Symphony X, Stratovarius, Edguy, Primal Fear getting this question as well? Because in each of this bands, members are playing in other projects, or having solo careers.

DC has his solo career, and this is it...and we like that, because he is doing great music on his solo record! Every good record helps the HM scene.

Will you tell us a few things about the lyrics of the album?

They are very personal. For example “Hear me calling” is about DC's brother who died in a car accident a few years ago. Every song stands for itself...well, we have the Trilogy about the Roman Empire, which is about Gladiators and stuff.

The title track bears a strong resemblance to Judas Priest. Was it “deliberate”? Is that a way, along with the cover version of “All Guns Blazing”, to pay a tribute to them?

We are all huge JP DC was one of the 3 finalist when they where looking for a new singer. If you have a singer who was almost the singer of JP, why shouldn't he sound like that?

If you listen to the music carefully, you will find out, that it has not sooooo much to do with JP. The chord changes, the fills, guitars are pretty much neoclassical, and we have a key solo after my guitar solo in Infatuator. I do not remember any key solo in JP, neither do I remember classical harmonies in JP.

We played “All Guns” on the Strato tour every evening as the last song, and it turned out to be great. The crowd loved this song and version. After the tour we decided to put it on the album.

The style of songs in the album varies a lot. Did you try to experiment with different styles?

No, this is our style.

You are about to go on tour with Angra in a few days and in some time with U.D.O. How do you feel touring with a legend such as UDO and with power metal pioneers like Angra?

We are very proud to get the opportunity. It is always great to go on tour with a bunch of great people.

What is your relationship with the guys from Royal Hunt? Have you heard of Steen Mogensen's project with Dougie White, Cornerstone?

Well, DC is not around me right now. As far as I know he has a good relationship with Steen...

Your debut “Empire of Future” closed its circle. Did it live up to your expectations, both in terms of artistic success and of sales?

Yes, “Empire...” brought us to Japan, USA and we toured all over Europe...what else can you expect?

Since we are from an Internet zine, we would like to ask you what is your relationship with the Internet. Do you use it to promote your work? Do you use it at home?

I think it is a great tool to get in contact with the fans. On the other side it gives everybody the chance to promote himself...and this means everybody who can hold a guitar has its own homepage...It is a bit too much, you know? Plus this MP 3 thing really sucks. Especially young bands having already problems to break, and some of the bigger names as well. If this is won't change, the market will break, and Heavy Metal will die, because there will be no new bands!!!!

It is just not right if you spend 70.000 DM for an album, that people get it for free in the net...Sometimes before it even is released officially.

Imagine Mercedes Benz would announce a new model in the net, and you could get this car for free on every parking lot in the world...what would happen?

We need a new law to protect the artist's rights immediately!

Otherwise the industry will die.

What are your plans for the future after finishing both your tours?

Writing new material (we already have ideas for around 10 songs), recording the next album ASAP.

Thank you very much!

Thanks to you for giving us the opportunity to do this interview. I also wanna thank everybody who is listening to real music. HM Fans are special people, they don't follow any trends like all this other people do.

You get born with the feeling for this type of music...and if you are a HM fan, you will stay till the end of your days.

Thanks people!!

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