As Metal Temple Magazine continues its venture through the land of Greek Metal acts, this time it was time to interview Deathcore metallers from Thessaloniki, Homoiratus. A band that's existed since 1998, released two albums (Human Consumes Human in 2001 through Arctic Records and Apocalypse in 2003) and has played as supporting act to mega-bands like Cannibal Corpse and Malevolent Creation. We interviewed Aggelos (bass & vocals) via e-mail and here's what he had to say about their current status (they used to be four members, now they're three), their problems with their former record label and more...through his personal sense of humor!
By Orpheus Spiliotopoulos
November 1, 2004
Aggelos (Homoiratus) interview
Since we're an online magazine, I'd like to ask you what your relationship with the Internet is.

Purely Sexual!
Actually...there's lots o'Porn around...'s ok to use the internet but it's been a long time that it is out of hand.... the way...check...

It's only been a couple of years since you formed Homoiratus. In these few years though you've had a lot of re-formation conserning the band's lineup. Would you like to write a few words about how you started, who came and who left (and why)?

For the whole thing it's better one checks our website and's just too much... Why is it a complicated issue...everybody has his own personal reasons for going away and since they are personal they are not subjects of discussion.

You were clearly a bass player when you first joined the band. Now you also do the singing in the band. How weird is that for you, if weird at all and how easy was it for you to get used to it?

Well me and Alex have taken over the vocals actually both of us had previous experience with other bands on playing and doing vocs so it felt right at home actually.

Are you just three in the band right now or are you thinking of adding another member?

We are working as a trio indeed right now with a new drummer. We don't deny the possibility of adding another member but we are not looking for something specific at the time.

Why did you break your 4 record deal with Arctic Music Group after only releasing your debut album, Human Consumes Human and the Knowledge...Your Enemy EP? What happened?

Things got fucked up. The band-label situation is more or less the same always. You don't get what's due for you and decide these are not the people you want the rest of your music contracted to...simple...

Are you signed to any label right now?

Nope. We only licensed Apocalypse to Crimes Against Humanity Records for a worldwide release.

Looking back at your debut album, what does it feel like for you? Would you change anything on the album or is it still as good to you as it used to be when you released it?

It feels like our young 11year old sister!

You've performed live together with lots of known European Metal acts, such as Malevolent Creation, Hateplow, Napalm Death, Children Of Bodom, Cannibal Corpse and Impaled Nazarene to name a few. What in your opinion do you feel you've gained from all these bands by playing with them, meeting them etc. What was your best show ever (and where)?

Dude...Malevolent Creation, Cannibal Corpse and Hateplow are from the U.S!!! hahahahhaha!
Seriously....every show is a small brick of experience on a wall we are trying to build so yes you gain something every time apart from meeting the bands and hanging around with them...We also toured with Konkhra this year and it was just another piece added to the puzzle. There's no show you can clear out of all...each and every one has its own great bits and's more like an overall experience growing with each show.

If someone asked you to describe your band's playing style, how would you describe it to him?

Groove laden pounding-grinding moshcore...eeh..phew!

What's your point of view on Metal nowadays. Are there any bands out there you hate their style? If so, why's that?

It has been overwhelmed by a multitude of bands and it has all been separated too much in genres that resulted in a multitude of consume-freak-o-fanatic-I don't like that shit-kind of-audience- that has just forgot to just listen to music! One has got to be really stupid to hate something regarding music. It's a sign of really insignificant and truly disoriented cerebral fiction. If you don't like something you just don't listen to it. Spending time hating just consumes valuable time you could channel into something productive.

Your personal ambitions as a person and as a member of Homoiratus.

Speaking for everybody. To finally live through our music and not have to do the crap we do to be and take the band to higher levels.

What are the future plans for the band right now?

We are trying to find a way to clone ourselves to finally be able to watch ourselves play live! You part of the audience...
Wouldn't that be great!?

Send out a message to all the readers who'll be reading from all over the world.

There are a few thousands of bands out the bands you enjoy and listen to music every day as if your life depended upon it!

Thank you for your time. I wish you and your bandmates all the best!

Now that you mention is...I'll charge you....time is money you know!...mwahahahahahha
Keep your minds and ears open.

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