Arcane Church

Arcane Church is an Underground (for the moment) Black Metal band from England. They were proclaimed as 5th Best-Unsigned Band for 2003 by Terrorizer and that's what actually caught our attention...Here follows a quite interesting Interview with one of the band members, Agares, the drummer of Arcane Church.
By Orpheus Spiliotopoulos
March 25, 2004
Agares (Arcane Church) interview
Even though you had your first release last year, DCLXVI (A Chapter of Mega Therion), your band's history seems to go back to 1999. Is that when it all started? If not, when did it all actually start and how?

How's it going! Yeah man, Naberiux started Arcane back in 1999 as a sole project, he was only young and wanted to play some pure fucking Black Metal, he started with an instrumental track called Call of The Wild, he did it all by himself and he was quite young back then.

Any specific reason for naming the band Arcane Church? How about the band member nicks (Naberiux, Agares, Danuk and Adonnai)?

The name Arcane comes from something which has a mysterious aura to it, and of course church meaning the place of worship, so worshipping something mysterious, or what's known so much about.

What were your main music influences up till now? What bands do you admire the most from the Black Metal Scene? Is there a particular Black Metal band you'd simply die to play together with at a festival or even meet?

Personally as a drummer, I'm influenced by guys such as Hellhammer in a black metal sense, that guy's amazing, I'm then influnced by drummers such as Vitek from Decapitated, The Berzerker, Inferno from Behemoth etc, as a band goes, Arcane were influenced in the early days by bands like Burzum, Mayhem and all the classics, but as time went by we put our whole new spin on stuff, I guess that's the reason a lot of people have taken a shine to our music for it's originality. I mean by DCLXVI, our work sort of could be compared to Mayhem's Grand Declaration work mixed with Techno samples, etc, basically bands like Aborym, Kovenant etc have all played their part in influencing our minds to this kind of music. Naberiux is also heavily inspired by 80's goth muchlike Christain Death, industrial stuff like Ministry and a whole range of obscurities. There are many great bands we would love to play with, possibly too many to name!

How would you describe your band to someone who hasn't heard of you before but would be interested in a description, for starters?

Umm, thats a hard one, our stuff is very unique in a sense, I think you gotta look at Mixing bands like Aborym, The Kovenant with Industrial stuff, the best thing I can think of is have a listen!

How tough is the scene in England? Do you feel there's a strong competition among upcoming bands in Black Metal?

I've never felt threatened by bands, at the end of the day, we're all just guys making music for satan, there are certainly some amazing bands in the UK scene right now, the scene is pretty varied and pretty big. A lot of bands are trying to stay underground and relentless to their music, which is cool, there are a lot of dedicated people out there that I think will keep the scene thriving!

How happy were you (or not) after the release of your first album?Given the opportunity, would you change anything on the album?

I think we are all very happy with DClXVI! I mean a bit longer in the studio to add some more samples and things would have kicked ass, I think our new stuff wipes the floor with DCLXVI though, we are getting better all the time.

Are you going to release a new album soon? Are you contracted to a label right now?

We are writing at the moment (hopefully, full length) and yes we are in talks with labels at the moment!

Any upcoming gigs up there in England or elsewhere for this year?

There will be sometihng in the pipeline shortly, we're not massive fans of the live environment. Because we think that we can spoil our performance by over doing it, we enjoy playing live and making it an experience for ourselves, but I'm sure our next performance will be visceral!

A lot of people (even metalheads) believe Metal is fading away as a genre and others believe that it's just transforming into something different. On the other hand, there are those who believe Metal will never die (as we know it 20 years already). Where do you stand as a person?

I'm a great believer in seeing music as music, if I like it, I like it. Metal seems to be changing a lot, we have recieved a lot of bad comments from people who believe that we are ruining the Black Metal scene, because what we play isn't strictly true Black Metal. We love incorporating it and doing what we do, I don't think die, it will just change, bands come, bands go, like any genre of music.

How does it feel when a world famous Magazine like Terrorizer proclaims you as the 5th Best-Unsigned Band for 2003?

That was really cool! We have had a lot of support from many people and being on the same list as Thus Defiled and bands like that is wicked, I'm glad people are enjoying the fact that we are trying to be different, if not a black metal hybid, I hope many more bands get acknowledgement for their achievements!

As individuals, what are your ambitions in life?

That's a hard one, I would like to remain in music for the rest of my life, its a very different expression to anytihng else, I think the rest of the guys are also dedicated to music full stop.

Your ambitions as a Black Metal band?

Just to create a new wave of music, what we're doing is quite different, so I hope people will enjoy that, it would be cool if people stay tuned, and keep the scene alive, I think that we will try our hardest to get our own messages across.

I'd like you to say something to all those who'll read this Interview, from around the world.

Umm ok, do what you want, play music how you like, don't let other people tell you how to do things, in the words of the great Aleister Crowley Do What Thou Will, That Is The Whole Of The Law!?.

Finally, we'd like to thank you for your interview at Metal-Temple.Com Magazine and wish you all the best as a band! We?re looking forward to hearing good news about you guys and why not, even see you perform on stage someday together with monster-bands of the Black Metal scene!

Thanks very much man, thanks for giving us the opportunity! Keep the great work up!

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