For The Duration Of Psychiatric Treatment

Charming Timur

What? Where? Why? When? That's what I can say about the album I got. First […]
By Eldad "Blacknasa" Stainbook
March 23, 2015
Charming Timur - For The Duration Of Psychiatric Treatment album cover

What? Where? Why? When? That's what I can say about the album I got. First some info: CHARMING TIMUR is a one man band; one man play all instruments and also the vocals. I was intrigued by this project so I did a search about the it, CHARMING TIMUR is Lauri Santeri Lohi from Helsinki Finland, however the more interesting thing that I found was that CHARMING TIMUR was already reviewed on Metal Temple magazine. It was about a half a year ago, reviewing the first album by CHARMING TIMUR named "A Brief Moment of Existence", the review was short and it got one for grade, one the lowest grade Metal Temple gives for an album, aka "Run Away", so first I can say that I didn't run away from the second album "For The Duration Of Psychiatric Treatment"  by CHARMING TIMUR. I think that first one should try and get into the mood of the album, I can say that after the first listen of the album I was feeling depressed, very depressed and I do think that CHARMING TIMUR hit a spot.

The music is a mix of Electronic sounds, heavy riff, black atmosphere and changing vocals, some growling, some shouting and some talking, the album should be taken in perspective, at least that what I think; it's not made to be a masterpiece it was made in order to make you feel incompatible and in this goal the album succeeded.

Musically I don't think that it's a bad album, nor it's a good one; let's put aside the production quality and concentrate on the music itself, it's not usual music style, not Industrial nor Death or any Gardcore mixed style I have heard, CHARMING TIMUR has its own style.

If I have to conclude, it's not an album for everybody, it's very niche album, however it did get a better grade from me than the last album, so CHARMING TIMUR probably did something right.

5 / 10


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"For The Duration Of Psychiatric Treatment" Track-listing:

1. Flanger Effects And Venlafaxine
2. You Are Next
3. Armed For A Schoolday
4. Fly With Me
5. You Cant Handle This In A-Major
6. Had Enough
7. Close
8. Illness
9. A Human Cell
10. Our Day Is Beautiful

Charming Timur Lineup:

Lauri Santeri Lohi - All Instruments

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